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28/03/2017 - Tags: course, courses, English, French, juniors, language
From Sunday the second of April to Saturday the 22nd, we will open our doors again to the JUNIOR students taking a spring course in French or English.
This blog post highlights some of the excursions of the next couple of weeks as well as a brief look at the courses in general.
2017 JUNIOR Spring Session
Traditionally, the spring courses are regarded as more intensive than the summer courses because of the addition of the more intensive Academic and Exams programmes.
The Academic programme features more hours than the Intensive summer programme (or its spring cousin: Multisport).
The Exams programme includes one-to-one lessons, which can be used to delve more into exam preparation and testing.
The courses are held in complete immersion and this means that students of the English and French departments do different activities, eat at different times and have different areas in which they have lessons; they also don’t share their excursions.
The excursions this year will go to Brussels and Luxembourg City. While in Brussels we visit the Waterloo Memorial, in Luxembourg we take a look at the European Institutions around the city. So from some of the bloodiest fighting in Europe around Le Hougoumont Farm (As can be read in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables) to a unified Europe in two excursions.
Aside from the cultural outings, there are also plenty of fun excursions and shopping.
Walibi Belgium features no less than nine thrill rides, of which one in the dark, one hanging rollercoaster and The Buzzsaw (not for the faint of heart).
Still, the highlight of the spring excursions has got to be the trip to Pairi Daiza. Though the name might not ring any bells, this zoo is one of only 17 zoos worldwide to feature Giant Pandas. What’s more, less than a year ago they had the arrival of a baby panda named Tian Bao (you can follow his blog here). So if you’d like to meet Tian Bao yourself and especially if you’d like to work on those English or French skills – we still have a few places left!