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Do you sometimes have to conduct or facilitate international meetings or make presentations in a foreign language? Our Presentation Skills programme is the ideal solution to respond quickly and effectively to all your presentation, leadership or meeting needs in a foreign language.

Imagine giving a presentation in a foreign language in front of a large audience, persuading a board or international customers, or getting messages across at a conference abroad... Making persuasive, effective presentations, whether to 3 people or 3,000, is complicated enough in one’s own language When it's in a foreign language, with an international audience, it's even tougher.

Your training programme : a comprehensive package to make a success of your presentations

This practical and comprehensive 2-day programme will develop your public speaking skills in the language of your choice. It combines public speaking, oral skills, communication techniques and cultural intelligence to make a success of your presentations in front of international audiences. Based on practice and supported by tools, it builds on your personal strengths, whatever your style and your language level, to deliver relevant, powerful and appropriate messages :
  • Mastering the multiple challenges of public communication; the characteristics of a good communicator; my personal qualities
  • Managing audio and visual impacts : the importance of non-verbal language, gestures, posture, rhythm and intonation
  • Developing your cultural intelligence and attitudes : adapting to your audience
  • Applying and practising : preparing powerful messages and delivering them convincingly
  • Role plays, filmed presentations and a customised action plan