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In-Company | In-House Intense Flex Individual

Are you regularly required to communicate in a language different to your mother tongue? Are you working on a new project in a foreign country and want to be supported by an expert in this country’s language? Are you looking to develop your business in a new market? Do you lead or attend international meetings and want to be more effective in the language of your peers? All these situations and many others make mastery of languages a major asset in your role!

The In-Company | In-House Intense Flex Individual programme allows you to acquire specific knowledge of the language and develop the mastery of the latter in a semi-intensive, fast and effective manner. This flexible formula provides a practical response to your specific needs while considering your learning style and your schedule.

your training programme

5 half-days of training each composed of:
  • 2 hours of specific communication for persuasive and effective communication
  • 1 hour of thematic understanding to better understand your contacts
  • 1 hour of development in a professional situation to express yourself with ease in work-related situations

In praCtiCe

  • Target languages: German | English | Arabic | Chinese | Spanish | French | Italian | Japanese | Dutch | Portuguese | Russian
  • In our training centres CERAN CITY | Brussels and CERAN CITY | Paris (In-House) or at your company (In-Company)
  • 20-hour package: 5 x half days (4 hours each) over one or two weeks
  • Individual format
  • Optional themed lunch with trainer
Non-residential training is held from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Travel costs charged extra for in-house training.