Our Dutch courses for professionals

CERAN training courses aim to address all language needs for young adults. Check out our range of professional training courses for young adults so that you can rapidly improve your proficiency in your chosen language in an intensive way.

Linguistic Assessment in Dutch
60 €
In individual format
Distance learning
Non-residential training

When you take a level test, Linguistic Assessment provides you with a quick and efficient answer. This can be complemented by a more detailed analysis of the results by one of our trainers

Always connected in Dutch
1050 €
At least 15 hours of training
Distance learning
At least 1 hour of training per session

Always connected training offers you different training packages fully customized and remote.

Learn@lunch in Dutch
1400 €
At least 15 hours of training
Group training, 2 to 6 people
Non-residential training

The Learn@Lunch course offers a variety of training packages to meet common group communication needs.

Thematic Closed Group non-residential in Dutch
1800 €
At least 2 hours of consecutive training
In-company group format (2 to 6 participants)
Package of 20 or 30 hours

Discover our Dutch Thematic Closed Group program. This training, designed only for an established group, is an in-company program by definition! It is the richness of the exchanges linked to the group that makes all the participants progress rapidly. The veil is lifted on the Dutch language, the assimilation process begins. And it is a real team that discovers itself in this two-faceted exercise, that of language training and that of team cohesion. Another advantage is the great flexibility of the formula with regard to your schedules.

Intense flex & Plus closed group in Dutch
1800 €
20 hours of training at least
Group training, maximum 6 persons, intra- or inter-company
Non-residential training

The Intense Plus Closed Group program is an in-company program specially designed to meet the common communication needs of a group, yours. The stimulating interaction of the group lessons allows participants to develop their language skills in an intensive or semi-intensive way, depending on your choice. This language learning is undeniably fast and efficient while creating a real team cohesion around the common language. Moreover, this formula is very flexible and can be adapted to your schedule!

Individual coaching in Dutch
1600 €
At least 20 hours of training
Intra-company, inter-company or distance learning
Non-residential training

For reasons of organization and time saving, discover our Individual Coaching training in our CERAN training centers in Belgium, Spa and Brussels, also in Paris (in-house), or directly in your company (in-company) or even remotely.

Intense Flex & Plus Individual in Dutch
2220 €
At least 20 hours of in-house or inter-company training
Non-residential training
Niet-residentiële opleiding

The Intense Plus Individual course offers 5 days of 6 hours of training in an individual format for optimal learning of the language of your choice

Thematic Closed Group in Dutch
2058 €
9 activities per day
5-day residential training

Thematic Closed Group training allows you to set up a specially designed work to meet specific communication needs common to the group.

Combination 1&2 in Dutch
2630 €
1 to 2 lessons per day
3 to 5 day residential training

The Combination course consists of one or two daily individual lessons with different activities inviting different learners.

Individual Premium 6 in Dutch
3315 €
Residential Training 3 to 5 days
Individual Training 6 lessons per day

The Individual 6 course offers you a course of 6 individual lessons per day with activities related to the language studied in an intercultural environment.

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