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Enjoy a discount of up to 240€/per week on all our 2023* language programmes





CERAN Academy offers language immersion courses in Belgium and Switzerland for JUNIORS aged 9 to 17

From beginners to advanced, all levels are welcome to learn in groups of 7 to 9 learners maximum following 28 lessons of 45 minutes per week.

*You will receive a discount of:

  • 180€ per week for 1 week of enrolment
  • 240€ per week for 2 consecutive weeks of enrolment
  • If you enrol for this summer (minimum 1 week) in addition to April, a discount of 300€ per week of enrolment for the spring and summer

Offer valid for all registrations made before 24/03/2023.

Why choose CERAN Academy for my child's language courses?

100% native speakers

All our teachers are native speakers and are rigorously selected and trained in the CERAN method.

Personalised support adapted to your child’s needs

A language course at CERAN is a unique human experience, in a safe and friendly environment.

A unique and rapid learning method

Our immersive method allows your child to catch up or reinforce his or her skills in order to achieve his or her objectives quickly and efficiently.

An international environment

Students come from all over the world.

“Seriously fun” programmes

Your children will have fun with our varied programme of sports, cultural activities and excursions. All this while making progress in the language.

2 sessions. Three unique destinations


Developed in 1975 and regularly updated and improved, the CERAN methodology focuses on communication and enables young learners to express themselves in the target language with greater confidence.


From morning to night, students practice the target language with their classmates, teachers and activity leaders, even outside the classroom, during meals, activities and excursions. Uninterrupted practice!


A language reinforcement and assimilation technique based on mutual listening between the trainer and the learner.

Did you know that neuroscientific studies have shown that you have to repeat something at least 7 times to remember it?


Every language has its own music, rhythm and intonation. This verbo-tonal method corrects the phonetic errors of the students, improves their pronunciation and reduces the influence of their mother tongue to allow a better communication.


These summarise each lesson and are recorded so that students can practise and use them in different contexts.

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Spring session, SPA, Belgium

Avenue des Petits Sapins 27, 4900 Spa, Belgium

CERAN Academy welcomes JUNIORS to the Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa, a city classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the “Great Water Cities of Europe” since 2021.

Spa is also a city with an exceptional location in the Ardennes at the crossroads of several European countries and cultures: Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France.

In terms of accommodation, the domain offers 71 double rooms with private bathroom, lounges, dining rooms, tennis and basketball courts!

The programme of activities and excursions will be inspired by the themes of “Street Art and Social Issues” for the first week and “Music and the Middle Ages” for the second week. Discover the programme below.

ATTENTION: last places available for the spring session.

Spring session, SPA, Belgium

Which dates?

From Sunday 02nd  April to Saturday 15th  April

Which duration?

1 or 2 weeks option with a weekend of excursions included between the 2 weeks

Which language?

English and French or individual programme for other languages on request

Where is it?

Château de Haut-Neubois in Spa, Belgium

Who is it for?

Age 9-17 years old

> Download the Activities and Excursions Programme


Allée de Bernardfagne 7,4190 Ferrières, Belgium

The Collège Saint-Roch in Ferrières (Belgium) hosts the annual JUNIORS summer residential sessions.

This campus dates back to 1820 and offers all the modern facilities both in terms of classrooms and sports activities, with a brand new swimming pool.

It is the ideal setting for young people aged 9 to 17 who wish to learn or improve a target language, French, English, Dutch or German.

Summer session – FERRIERES (Belgium)

Which dates?

From Sunday 25th  June to Saturday 26th  August

How long?

1 week minimum

Which languages?

  • English, French all summer
  • German in July
  • Dutch in August
  • or individual programme for other languages on request
  • Languages + tennis, golf or horse riding (dates to be confirmed)

Where is the school?

St Roch Ferrières site (Belgium)

Who is it for?

Age 9-17 years old


Rue du Village 63, 1874 Champéry, Switzerland

The Chalet de Champéry, located in the Swiss Alps, welcomes young people aged 12 to 17.

The programme includes English and French classes, activities and excursions in the countryside.

Summer session – CHAMPERY (Switzerland)

Which dates?

From Sunday 2nd  July to Saturday 29th  July


2 weeks minimum

Which language?

  • English and French

Where is it?

Champéry (Switzerland)

Who is it for?

Age 12-17 years old

Classe anglais Champery

Our students are our best ambassadors

“I really enjoyed the course! We work on speaking which, in my opinion, is one of the most important aspects”

Leone, Italy 16 years old

cours de français et d'anglais pour enfants

“It was really fantastic! The teachers were nice, the activities were really fun. The excursions were extraordinary”

Clotilde, France 16 years old

“It was the first time I came to CERAN.

I was a bit scared to come. I didn’t know what to expect but from the second day I started to like it and asked to extend my stay by a week.

I met some great people here! The lessons were great, the food was good too and overall I really enjoyed the two weeks. “

Lucas, Spain 12 years old.

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