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Every registration will be confirmed by one of our advisors, who will arrange the details of your stay. This special offer is exclusively reserved for our new clients who have been referred by CERAN Magic Ambassadors. This unique opportunity cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions.

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English, French, Dutch, German (plus 11 other languages on request)


Spa (1h30 from Brussels, Belgium) | Mery (30 min. from Paris, France)


65 hours immersion / week


Individuals | Groups (2-4 students)


Beginner / intermediate / advanced


Every week. From Sunday evening.

Meet some CERAN trainers

At CERAN, our language trainers, whether native or equivalent bilingual speakers, are selected for their extensive professional experience across various sectors. Each educator is then rigorously trained according to our unique CERAN methodology—a pedagogical approach that has proven effective in maximising learning efficiency. This process ensures that every participant achieves exceptional mastery and fluency in the target language, equipped to communicate with confidence and precision in both professional and everyday contexts.

Luc S. formateur de Néerlandais


Dutch trainer

formatrice de Français CERAN


French trainer

formatrice allemand


German trainer

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Satisfied or Retrained for Free

Your success is our goal! That’s why at CERAN, you are always offered "Satisfaction or Retraining for Free."

The benefits of your tailored learning experience

Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

You will learn the basics of the target language and acquire a general knowledge of the language, including grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure.

Intensive and effective language learning

Through immersion, you will develop your language skills quickly and effectively by being fully immersed in the language and culture.

Intercultural communication

You will learn to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds and broaden your cultural understanding.

Oral fluency

You will learn to use the language in different situations, which will help you to be more confident when communicating with native speakers in the future.

Cultural understanding

You will learn about the culture of the target language, which will help you understand the context of the language and how it is used in real-life situations.

a green setting perfect for learning

The château is the ideal place for studious and professional learning in a warm atmosphere.

Why do our students love CERAN immersive Experience?

Each stay has been a step forward in language learning, but also, and more importantly, in boosting my self-confidence. Now, I take part in meetings, whereas previously I would not have been capable of doing so.

I've had the opportunity to come to CERAN twice to improve my Dutch, once to get a foundation in Italian, and three times to learn German. I'll be back at the end of July to deepen my German studies.

The CERAN methodology, especially the "key sentences" directly applicable at work, has deeply impressed me. The rewarding encounters at CERAN have also been a highlight. A week-long immersion is a transformative experience, significantly enhancing my language fluency. Today, I am nearly bilingual, but I continue to visit CERAN annually to refine specific language skills. I particularly appreciate the format of splitting the week into two stays, which, combined with a few hours of one-to-one lessons, proves extremely effective.

There has never been a better time to invest in your future! Accelerate your language mastery today with the immersive CERAN experience.

Votre formation langue CPF avec CERAN labélisée Qualiopi
Votre formation langue CPF avec CERAN labélisée Edtech France
Votre formation langue CPF avec CERAN labélisée QFor
Votre formation langue CPF avec CERAN labélisée Magellan

Each registration will be confirmed by one of our advisors, who will coordinate the details of your stay with you. This special offer is exclusively available to our new clients who have been referred by our CERAN Magic Ambassadors. Please note, this unique opportunity cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions.

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