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Intensive and effective Language Learning for Children during Carnival holidays

CERAN Academy is offering intensive courses for young students this carnival season in both Dutch and English languages. 

This brand new session will be centered around the theme of “Illusions and Magic of the Cinema.” It was thoughtfully chosen to ignite the imagination and creativity of our young students, while also providing them with an opportunity to learn or perfect their Dutch or English language skills.


English and Dutch


Chateau du Haut Neubois, Spa, Belgium


the Illusions and Magic of the Cinema.


19 - 25 February 2023


28 45-minute lessons per week.


maximum 7 to 9 students

mechelen - intensive language course for children

Exciting excursions

On Wednesday, our students will embark on a journey to explore the vibrant city of Mechelen while speaking the target language.

They will have the opportunity to take in the sights of the colourful buildings, marvel at the Grand Place, and ascend the steps of the impressive cathedral while practising their language skills.
This excursion will not only allow students to experience the rich history and culture of the city, but it will also provide them with an opportunity to strengthen their problem-solving skills as they navigate the illusions at the largest illusion museum in Europe, all in the target language.

Furthermore, savouring a delicious meal at an old mill by the water will give students the chance to bond with their classmates and make lasting memories, all while practising their language skills.

Sport activities

The Spa campus boasts a variety of sports facilities, green spaces, and artistic rooms, as well as access to parks and gyms offering a range of activities such as badminton, basketball, handball, beach volleyball, football, tchoukball, tree climbing, archery, tennis, drama, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, escape games, and talent shows.

These sports activities are carefully crafted with a warm and educational approach to enhance language learning for our young students.

By participating, students can build teamwork and communication skills, further enriching their learning experience.

stage linguistique CERAN Academy

Leisure activities

Our programs also offer a diverse range of recreational activities and workshops, from sports to outdoor activities and arts workshops.

The program includes sports such as tennis, basketball, mini-olympics, ping-pong, drawing and painting, short film production, podcast creation, theatrical improvisation and talent show. Outdoor activities like escape games, tree climbing, and skating are also included.

The program aims to provide a well-rounded and exciting experience that will help the participants to develop their skills and express themselves.

Gala and Oscars

On Friday evening, a "CERAN Awards" ceremony on the theme of cinema will be organized with a delicious meal served at the table: enough to spend an evening worthy of Cannes.

The red carpet will be rolled out! The jury will vote for the best performances and achievements. A big screening will be organized with an award ceremony.

Established in 1975, CERAN is a language school based in France, Switzerland and Belgium.
We have successfully trained more than 150,000 students from 130 nationalities through our tailored courses and unique total immersion concept.
Our commitment to language quality ensures that our students develop a strong language background, with good listening comprehension and practice skills.
We offer intensive immersion courses for young people during the school holidays, with sports activities, excursions, and entertainment.


Developed in 1975 and continually updated and improved, the CERAN methodology focuses on communication
and enables young learners to express themselves in the target language with greater confidence.


From morning to evening, students practice the target language with their classmates, teachers and supervisors, even outside the classroom during meals, activities and excursions. Non-stop practice!


A technique of reinforcement and assimilation of the language based on mutual listening between the trainer and the learner and repetition. Did you know that neuroscientific studies have shown that you have to repeat something at least5 times in order to remember it?


Every language has its own music, rhythm and intonation. This verbo-tonal method corrects students’ phonetic errors, improves pronunciation and reduces the influence of their mother tongue to enable better communication.


They summarize each lesson and are recorded for students to practice and use in different contexts.

Seriously Fun

CERAN Academy’s goal is to provide a global and personalized solution to all your child’s language training needs.

Our teams are present at every stage of your child’s project: whether it is to prepare your child’s arrival by discussing his or her needs and expectations, or to personally accompany your child during his or her stay at our campus.

28 45-minute group lessons per week (equivalent to 21 hours of classes), including speaking, reading, and comprehension lessons in the morning, while the afternoon is dedicated to writing lessons and projects in which the language is put into practice.

Vocabulary and grammar are taught through the practice of everyday situations such as introducing oneself, giving one’s opinion on current affairs, or the study of different themes which lead to multimedia presentations, exhibitions of paintings, photographs or videos.

It is possible to add extra individual lessons each day. 2, 4, 6 or 8 lessons more during the week in order to work on a specific difficulty, a gap, to prepare for a school exam or international tests such as Cambridge, TOEFL, DALF, etc.

Experience the power of our intensive courses through the success of our students.

Listen to this testimonial from a repeat student who has benefited from Our Program Six Times.

Play Video about stage intensif d'anglais et sport pour jeunes

Their satisfaction is the ultimate measure of success of our methodology

stage intensif d'anglais et sport pour jeunes
The CERAN method is far more effective than the school method.
Arthur - Belgium
stage intensif de français et golf pour jeunes
I had a lot of fun and made many international friends.
Leone - Italy
Some of my friends were here before and they told me the school is amazing and they absolutely love everything here.
Clotilde - France

Transform your child’s communication skills with CERAN Academy.

Over 30,000 young students have honed their confidence, made new friends, and become more effective communicators through our intensive training.

Our commitment

Exceptional destinations
and secure facilities

Centres equipped with
high tech teaching tools


High ratio of 1 staff member
to 3 students

Small classes – no more than 9 children per class with an average of 7

What is the cost of a language immersion program in Spa?

Transport information

There are 2 ways to get to the sites.

  • A transfer from Brussels train station or airport is available to students (115€).
  • A transfer from Liège or Verviers train station will also be possible (65€).

At CERAN, your child's success is our top priority

That's why we offer a commitment to your satisfaction, guaranteeing that if you're not fully satisfied, your child will receive free retraining to ensure his success.

Discover the exciting new skills and knowledge your child will gain in this course

Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

Your child will learn the basics of the target language and acquire a general knowledge of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

Intensive and efficient language learning​

Through immersion, he/she will develop their mastery of the language quickly and efficiently by being fully immersed in the language and culture.

Cultural understanding

Children will learn about the culture of the target language, which will help them understand the context of the language and how it is used in real-life situations.

Intercultural communication

He/she will learn how to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds and expand their cultural understanding.

Confidence in speaking

Your kid will learn how to use the language in different situations, which will help them feel more confident when communicating with native speakers in the future.

And much much more​

Why should I choose CERAN Academy for my kid's language training?

100% native speaking teachers

All our teachers are native speakers and are strictly selected and trained to use the CERAN language method.

A personalised support adapted to your child’s needs

A language training at CERAN is a unique human experience in a fun and friendly environment.

A unique and fast learning method

Our immersive method enables your child to reach his/her objectives quickly and efficiently.

An international environment

The students come from different countries around the world.

Do you need advice or help to register your child?

One of our friendly CERAN Academy advisors will be reaching out to you soon to help answer any questions you may have and provide any assistance your child may need.

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CERAN is a reputable language and culture institution that has been operating in France, Belgium, and Switzerland since 1975.

It has successfully trained over 150,000 students. 

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