Learn and perfect a language

Learn and perfect a language

Nowadays, there are more than 7,000 languages in the world, languages which are becoming increasingly fundamental in everyday life. Being multilingual is becoming almost a must, firstly in the workplace, but also in the personal sphere.

During our language training, we use our very own method of learning which makes us unique. Our method consists of 3 different techniques that enable Learners to become familiar with the chosen language.

Are you interested in fine-tuning a language you regularly use or do you simply want to learn a new one and make rapid progress?

Choose CERAN to support and guide you with your language learning. CERAN offers a wide choice of languages. Find out how learning happens at CERAN. 

Is the language you are looking for missing ?

If you can’t find the language you would like to learn or fine-tune, please get in touch so that we can offer you a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Find financing that suits you

You can use financial aid to lower the training costs. Find the financial aid available in your country: 

The 3 phases of the CERAN method

The first is the QRI (Question, Response, Intonation), a technique for systematising language knowledge and appropriating the language. This is based on constant dialogue between the language trainer and the Learner who listen carefully to each other. Exclusive use of the target language allows the Participant to improve their knowledge and the language trainer to constantly adjust their approach and their lesson. The second is the verbo-tonal method of phonetic correction which mainly works on the pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and specific sounds of a language. Finally, the third technique is where each lesson is summarised by Key Phrases. The Key Phrases are therefore unique, but can also be used in a wide range of general or business contexts. At the end of the course or individual training session, Trainees receive a recording of their Key Phrases to take away with them. They help Trainees maintain their language and communication skills in the target language.

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