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French immersion summer camp

French immersion summer camp

A Ceran French immersion summer camp blends a fun-packed holiday with the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the French language.

Experiencing a CERAN French immersion summer camp is very different from studying French in a British classroom. To begin with, you’ll actually be in a French-speaking country, so the French language will, literally, be a part of your everyday life. In group classes, your classmates will all be people who are eager and motivated to learn with you. This all means that instead of focusing purely on grammar and practice drills such as repetition, you’ll have the opportunity to practise what you have learnt through fun, classroom-based activities and in real-life situations.

CERAN French immersion camps are organised in spring, summer and autumn in Spa, in St-Roch, Ferrières (Belgium) or in Paris. Several programmes are on offer.

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French immersion summer camp



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