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09 October 2022


For any manager looking for the "next level" of German language skills:

Would you like to be able to give or conduct interviews in German?

Do you want to work and negotiate with Germany?

Do you want to live in Germany?

Do you want to communicate better with your German-speaking colleagues ?


Do you feel that you are not progressing very quickly in learning German?

Do you have a particular goal that you are unable to achieve, despite all your efforts?

Do you feel that the books and online courses you are studying are not giving you lasting satisfaction?





This is exactly how Darin felt before his German immersion at CERAN.

Immersion néerlandais

Does Darin’s challenge in learning German speak to you?

Darin works in the automotive industry.

He has recently been promoted.

To an important position in his company.

It’s a sudden opportunity. In Germany.

And there Darin would like to communicate well.

With his new colleagues. His neighbors.
The cashier. The gas station attendant.


His German skills are very basic.

And English is not enough to make connections.

He soon became frustrated.

Not being able to integrate more into the German culture.

Darin's need

Rapid progress in German

Interact with ease and confidence with new colleagues

Understand all the processes in your business

So, Darin started to think of an idea.

Look for a language school.

The most reputable one. With the best results.

Because Darin wants to give himself the means to achieve his ambitions.

And CERAN quickly came to his attention.

Thanks to his contacts who had already had experience of German immersion.

So, he quickly enrolled at CERAN.

Darin's typical day at CERAN



9.00 – 10.30

  • General communication activity (Part 1)
  • Work on oral expression based on presentations and accounts of experiences


Break | Facilitated group communication activity with a trainer

11.00 – 12.30

General communication activity (Part 2)
  • Oral comprehension work with themes adapted to the needs formulated
  • Oral exploitation in the form of synthesis, presentation, expression of opinion, debate.


Lunch debate led by a trainer

14.00 – 15.30

Individual lesson


Break / Trainer-led communication activity

16.00 – 17.30

Business communication activity: preparation of a team building session.

17.30 – 18-30

Relaxation in the CERAN wellness center

18.30 – 19-00

Group press review with a trainer


Lunch hosted by a trainer

20.00 – 21.30 

Thematic activity: Intercultural profiling

What changed for Darin after his German immersion at CERAN?

More interaction at the workplace

Better leadership

More understanding of business processes

Better adherence of its teams to the objectives set

Strong links with his social circle

Today, Darin has opened up his career to new horizons and feels much more comfortable speaking German.

Like Darin, trust…

The most recommended language school in Europe by companies and individuals worldwide

Meet Karen, head of the German department at CERAN

Hello, my name is Karen, and I am 51 years old. I was born in Germany, in Bonn, where I went to school and university. Twenty-three years ago, I followed my husband to Belgium, where I still live today. Just over 15 years ago I started working at CERAN as a German teacher, and for about 11 years I have been the head of the German department.

During my work at CERAN, I have met many well-known personalities from the world of business and politics, ministers, members of parliament, ambassadors sent to Germany, but at CERAN, all students are VIPs.

Apprendre l'allemand au CERAN
References of our trainer Karen

15 years of experience in learning pedagogy

Trained well-known personalities in the economic and political world, ministers, deputies, ambassadors

Trained in the patented CERAN method AND its effectiveness validated by the University of Mons

What learners say about our immersive courses

"Excellence. Caring and high standards"
I realized how excellent his learning method was. Very quickly, I progressed in French. Especially in the mastery of grammar and expressions.
This is the most significant difference with many other alternatives I have tried
"Excellent language practice, unforgettable friendships"
When you are motivated to improve your English, and you engage in the process of learning a language in immersion, I think there is no better way to learn.

Satisfied or re-trained for free

Your success is our goal!

That is why at CERAN you are always “Satisfied or re-trained free of charge”.

Ready for new language horizons?

Book a strategic call without obligation!

Depending on your current context/issues, one of our consultants will contact you shortly to answer all your questions and/or help you choose the most appropriate and suitable training.

Votre formation langue CPF avec CERAN

How does CERAN work?
Explore the benefits of the CERAN method

1. Learn. Really.

Open up to new professional and personal opportunities with the best language teachers.

“I tried several alternatives and CERAN was the one that helped me the most in my language learning.”

Jon B.
Sales technician

2. Connect.

Be part of a community that inspires and supports you.

“It’s a community that brings like-minded people together to co-create their success in a very caring and dynamic space.”

Christie D.
Political journalist

Apprenez le néerlandais, allemand, français et anglais en séjour immersion à l'école de langue CERAN

3. Become more.

Get lasting results fast. Your progress starts here.

“I have developed a real ability to communicate in several foreign languages, which has opened up real career opportunities that I would never have dared to hope for before.”

Elena W.
Brazilian entrepreneur

What learners say about us

“I think CERAN is fantastic and kind of has a great residence with some great food. You can really focus on learning a language, and the methodology of a bit of repetition and learning through relevant topics makes it much easier to learn a language.”

Thimothy S. – American Engineer working in Germany

“As part of my mission as head of the U19 national team, I will be required to participate in pre- and post-match press conferences in English.”

Xavier D. – Coach of the Belgian U19 women’s national football team

“I wanted to strengthen my knowledge of Dutch so that I could manage bilingual clients and teams.”

Florence N. – Entrepreneur

“In my job, I have to meet foreign puppeteers and travel”.

Didier B. Director of a theater company

As you can see…
CERAN has already helped countless people all over the world…

The question is: are you next?

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The most frequently asked questions

Learning German at CERAN

CERAN Methodology of language learning

The CERAN methodology is an original and unique method developed by the founders of the Group and constantly improved and enriched since the creation of the company

Establishing the learner’s linguistic profile

This is the starting point of the course. You take a test to establish your language profile and define your needs. Afterwards, an in-depth analysis of your needs allows us to determine your learning objectives as well as the dedicated teaching content.

In fact, no course is predetermined before the arrival of the trainee. And throughout the course, the trainer, who knows the needs of each Participant, adapts and readjusts the content of the lessons if necessary to achieve the desired result. Indeed, each Learner is unique and each one learns in his or her own way.

The verbo-tonal method of phonetic correction

The aim of the phonetic correction method is to help the trainee to better perceive the phonological elements of the target language.

During this stage, the work focuses on pronunciation by correcting the phonemes and especially the prosody, i.e. the melody and intonation. It has been proven that improving prosody also improves phonemes. And when 60% of the prosody is corrected, the accent improves!

Key phrases

Another special feature of the CERAN method is the writing and use of individual key phrases. The learner draws up a summary of the lesson in the form of sentences which reflect the objectives (grammar, vocabulary, language acts and/or phonetic elements) worked on during the lesson and which are directly linked to the training objectives.

These key sentences are then recorded in both written and oral versions. The trainer records the latter version with the correct accent, which is made available to the learners on the CERAN platform. You are thus familiarized with how to use these key phrases during your training so that you can use them again later.

Immersive learning

Immersive learning is a fundamental part of the CERAN method. Immersion means immersion in the target language, not just physical immersion in a place. It has been proven that the brain is more stimulated in an immersion situation and that immersion allows for a better acquisition of knowledge. All exchanges take place exclusively in the language being taught.

All day long, or from morning to night in residential training, only the target language is used. The Learner is exposed to all media in this language (audio, video, newspapers…). The aim is for the participant to translate as little as possible and to be able to think in the target language very quickly.

All our learning methods invite you to temporarily forget your daily concerns to devote yourself fully to your learning and thus multiply your progress.

In our residential formulas, the emphasis is placed, in addition to the study of the language, on encounters, human contact and the sharing of experience thanks to the activities proposed in class or outside the classroom. Learning in immersion is an opportunity to reveal your potential!

Our immersive German language training method enables you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. A thorough need’s analysis, using our “Single Test”, allows us to determine your skills, your learning objectives and the personalized training content prior to the course.

Our method of learning German does not only focus on the language skills of the participants. Their psycho-socio-cultural skills are also considered because mastering a language is not just a matter of knowing the grammatical rules.

For this reason, interaction is given priority in our courses, as it is the interpersonal exchange that enriches German language training and reinforces memorization.

Each country and region can offer financial support for your German language training. We are pleased to present them to you. To benefit from this, you will need to contact the various organisations listed below. Only the information on the official websites of these different organizations is authentic.

Find funding in your country.


There are several ways to finance your language or intercultural training. We are happy to help you discover them.

As each country has its own specificities, these different financial aids are presented to you by country and by region. CERAN can help you with the financing of your training.

In France, it is the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) which can contribute to the partial or total financing of your CERAN training. The CPF offers the double advantage of financing your language training and your intercultural training! Our teams are at your side to assist you in your efforts, contact us!

Find out more about the CPF

All our teachers are native speakers. In other words, these passionate native speakers, specially selected for their skills and pedagogy, are the best in language teaching.

The CERAN method is foremost an experiential method based on people. Do you or one of your Talents need to learn a new language or perfect one to take up a new position?

Our immersive method allows you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. An in-depth analysis of your needs, via our “Single Test”, allows us to specify your skills, your learning objectives and the personalized training content before the course.

Our learning method does not only rely on the participants’ language skills. Their psycho-socio-cultural skills are also considered, because mastering a language is not just a matter of knowing the grammatical rules.

This is why we give priority to interaction in our courses, as it is the interpersonal exchanges that enrich the training and reinforce memorization.

Whether it is exchanges between the Learners and our trainers or exchanges between the Participants through the various pedagogical activities proposed.

The 3 techniques that constitute the CERAN method (QRI technique, verbo-tonal practice and key phrases) are systematically personalized for each Learner.

Since 1975, CERAN has been bringing to life the passion of its founders, Monique & René Bastin, whose dream was to teach foreign languages in a setting of international encounters.

Our mission remains unchanged: to help people from different cultural backgrounds to communicate and understand each other better. Our values are to encourage encounters, sharing and exchanges between different cultures. It is through these encounters that you will forge links and relationships with other trainees from different cultures and languages.

As a specialist in language and intercultural training, CERAN stands out for its immersion concept, which gives absolute priority to the spoken word. The keywords of our method are repetition, systematization and automation through exchanges and interactions.

A training course at CERAN is a real human experience, in a learning environment that is both professional and friendly, and a guarantee of success. Our Qualiopi & Datadock accreditations are further proof of the quality of our training courses.

Your success is our goal! This is why at CERAN you are systematically “Satisfied or re-trained free of charge”.

Whether you are a HRD, a training manager, an international mobility manager or a manager, you will find the CERAN training courses that will meet the linguistic and intercultural challenges of your company and those of your talents.

Our team at the CERAN Innovation and Pedagogy Laboratory will help you adapt the CERAN method to your talents and create new, tailor-made programmes.

The Linguistic Assessment course enables you to determine your level of English on the Common European Framework of Reference Scale.

Our course provides you with a quick and efficient answer. This level test can be completed by a detailed analysis by one of our trainers. This will give you a more accurate assessment of your language communication skills.

Find out more about the tests

Regardless of your German language level, CERAN can offer you a course tailored to your needs. If you opt for group lessons (with or without individual lessons), you will be working with learners of the same language level as you.

Do you want to become familiar with the German language? Do you want to master the language? Discover the possibilities of learning German quickly, intensively, immersive AND individually at CERAN. With our language courses tailored to your language needs.

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