Financing your language and intercultural training with the CPF, the Personal Training Account

Financing your language and intercultural training with the CPF, the Personal Training Account

The Personal Training Account (Compte Personnel de Formation - CPF) enables you to acquire vocational training entitlements, in CPF hours. These entitlements are registered in an hours account that follows you throughout your working life. The CPF enables you to be credited with 24 hours a year up to 120 hours, then with 12 hours a year up to 150 hours in total (for a full-time permanent contract or prorata for part-time). Depending on the employee's situation, the training course can be fully covered by your OPCO (government-accredited sectoral training organisation), Pôle Emploi (employment centre) or the company. All CERAN language training courses that lead to a qualification (with an exam) are available for the CPF: 9 languages taught in one-to-one, group, residential immersion, intensive and distance training courses, etc.

Who is this aid for?

  • The Personal Training Account (CPF) is open to anyone who is at least sixteen years of age, whether they are employed, looking for a job or supported in a professional integration and orientation project
  • You can decide to receive training on a regular basis. You never lose your CPF hours, even if there is a change in your circumstances or employer. If the training takes place during working hours (even partially), the employer must agree to the content and timing of the training. Companies with more than 10 employees pay 0.2% of their payroll to their OPCO for the CPF. The OPCO covers the tuition fees and costs associated with the training. For training during working hours, the employee’s remuneration is covered up to 50% of the number of CPF hours used

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Visit the CPF website for more information and to start your training process with CERAN.

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What are the practical formalities for obtaining the CPF for a CERAN training course?

  • The applicant activates their CPF account at They will need their social security number, an e-mail address and their DIF balance certificate (ask employer for this).
  • The applicant contacts the service provider in order to receive a quote and a personalised training programme mentioning the certification test code for the chosen language (TOEIC, Bulats, Bright or DCL).
  • The applicant completes their application on If the training takes place during working hours: the applicant asks their employer for permission to start their training course and to handle the funding application. If their training takes place outside working hours: the applicant asks their OPCO directly (if necessary, they contact their employer to obtain the contact details) to cover their training. The application includes the service provider’s quote and programme, the request to cover the training and possibly the applicant’s DIF balance certificate.
  • The applicant contacts the service provider to confirm or plan the start of their training course once they have received the agreement of their company or OPCO.

General comment

The purpose of this information is to summarise the terms and conditions for granting aid and subsidies*. Only the information from the official websites of the various organisations applies.
CERAN’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale also apply. They are available on our website
CERAN cannot be held liable for any refusal to grant a subsidy.
* Subject to acceptance of the applications by the agencies concerned or modification of the terms and conditions and the formalities by these same agencies.

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