Linguistic Assessment in English

The Linguistic Assessment training allows you to determine your level of knowledge of English on the Scale of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Our training provides you with a quick and effective response. This level test can be supplemented by a detailed analysis by one of our trainers. This will give you a more accurate assessment of your communication language skills.

Remote monitoring

Trainers who are native speakers of the language being studied

Individual format

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Getting your training financed
Our Linguistic Assessment course is eligible for the Prime de formation, KMO aid and CPF. To learn more about your financing possibilities and how to take advantage of them, consult our page ''Financing your training''.
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Learning with Ceran

CERAN’s goal is to provide a global and personalized solution to all your language training needs. Our teams are present at each stage of your project: whether it is to prepare your visit by discussing your needs and expectations, or to guide you precisely during your stay at our center.

Discover the CERAN method
In order to provide you with impeccable lessons, our teams are trained in the CERAN method. QRI, verbo-tonal and key words are all methods used by our trainers.
Acquire a general and/or specific knowledge of the language
Develop the mastery of the language in an intensive, fast and efficient way
Participate in meetings or lead video-conferences in a foreign language
Communicate with more ease in international professional situations
Certify your knowledge

CERAN is authorized to administer independent, neutral and internationally recognized tests. Each test results in a certificate attesting to the level of knowledge of the language. These tests are a reliable and recognized asset in a curriculum vitae. They are also eligible for CPF. CERAN has been a Linguaskill agent for Cambridge English, a TOEIC agent for the past 15 years, and a BRIGHT agent.

Find a program adapted to your needs
In companies and organizations that are becoming increasingly global and complex, many missions require working with people from different geographical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. These missions have a cultural dimension that is essential to their success. Choose a training program adapted to your different needs.
Choose from:Online level testOnline level test with analysis and a report by an instructor
One-on-one format
A series of questions to identify your profile and your needs
A multichoice grammar test, a writing exercise and self-assessment to evaluate your CEFRL level
An interview with an instructor to assess your speaking skills
A complete evaluation including customised tips on your learning needs
Price€60 per person€90 per person
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Training in the best conditions
The setting of the training is as important as the content... In order to follow the Thematic Closed Group English program in the best conditions, we suggest our city-based training centers in Belgium or France. However, this language program can also take place in your company to fit in with everyone's schedule.

By taking a level test, Linguistic Assessment provides you with a quick and efficient answer. This can be complemented by a more detailed analysis of the results by one of our trainers
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