Intercultural Follow me

Intercultural Follow me

Do you want to deepen the knowledge of your training and continue to benefit from the advice of your trainer? Our Intercultural Follow Me system allows you to schedule one or more remote meetings with your trainer in order to be accompanied in your integration or your mission and to obtain an answer to all your specific questions.

The ideal complement to all our training programs, this remote follow-up formula (videoconference or telephone) allows you to benefit from the support and personalized advice of your trainer.

The advantages of the device: personalized answers to your specific questions! The value of training lies in the application. Our Intercultural Follow Me system allows you to benefit, whenever you wish, from the analyzes and advice of your trainer: additional information about your country of expatriation, concrete proposals for preparing a meeting with your new team or a meeting with a new interlocutor, lead the change in your organization… Intercultural Follow Me is a device:

  • Ultra-personalized: each session is adapted to your needs and provides a personalized response to your specific issues
  • Scalable: your trainer knows you well, he accompanies you step by step, adapts to your pace and facilitates each step of your integration or your mission
  • Concrete and instantaneous: you benefit from the advice of your trainer when you need it and you can put it into practice immediately

A tailor-made organization closer to your needs.

  • 1h30 session
  • By videoconference or by telephone
  • Single session: 500 €
  • Package of 4 sessions – including one free – for 3 months: €1,500

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