Immersion for professionals

Immersion for professionals

CERAN providescompanies and their Talents with support in developing business or personal training plans. Discover our original immersion concept!

Whether you are a Training Manager or an International Mobility Manager looking for a partner to help you develop your training plan or a professional wishing to improve your language skills or international management skills, ourface-to-face, distance, residential immersion or hybrid package solutions cater for all of your needs.

An immersive learning method.

Above all else, the CERAN method is an experiential human-centred method. Do you or one of your Talents need to learn a new language or perfect one in order to take up a new position? Our immersive method lets you achieve your goals swiftly and efficiently. An in-depth analysis of your requirements, using our “Single Test”, makes it possible to clarify your skills and learning objectives and tailor the content of the training course before your training begins. Our learning method does not just call upon Participants’ language skills. It also involves their psycho-socio-cultural skills as mastering a language is not just about knowing grammar rules.That is whypriority is given to interaction in our lessons because people-to-people exchanges enrich the training and reinforce memorisation. Be they exchanges between the Learners and our language trainers or exchanges between the Participants through the various educational activities on offer. The 3 techniques included in the CERAN method (QRI technique, the use of the verbo-tonal method and the key phrases) are always tailored to each Learner.

Your immersion begins as soon as you arrive on the Sunday evening. You are greeted by your instructors in the target language. Communication facilitators by nature, your language trainers are always native speakers of the language taught and linguistic experts. The principle of immersion is applied right from the start of your training course, from the very beginning of your stay, from morning to night. Total immersion is actually best for optimal memorisation and learning. Exchanges are encouraged - always in the target language - and spoken language is top priority! However, our language trainers may also devote some lessons to improving your written skills if required. Depending on the chosen programme, you combine small group training sessions, individual sessions and/or themed workshops. This variety of activities means you can make swift progress by covering different skills.
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Transfers from airports or train stations are arranged by request beforehand. Upon arrival on site, the hosts show the participants to their rooms. They are given a site map called a "boussole" (compass). This will make it easy for Learners to find their way between the training locations, dining areas and living and recreational areas throughout their stay. All Trainees meet up on the Sunday at 7 pm for welcome drinks with their language trainers. Immersion has started and will end on the Friday at 5.30 pm at the end of the stay.
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The quality of your accommodation and more generally the training facilities help make your immersion an exceptional experience. Warm, comfortable rooms are provided for you to enjoy at our outstanding training centres. They are all exquisitely decorated and brightly lit, and have a desk, a comfy bed and body care products in the bathroom. Bottles of water are available every day. Our residential packages have the advantage of letting you put your daily worries to one side and focus entirely on your learning for best results.

Dining at CERAN revolves around 5 principles: simplicity, seasonality, flexibility, conviviality and commitment. * Simplicity: our cuisine is not about addition but subtraction, in other words authentic, uncluttered cuisine which is "simply good". * Seasonality: cuisine which features seasonal produce, cuisine that makes sense. * Flexibility: we develop recipes with a flexible mindset so that we can be in tune with the Trainees and cater for their expectations. * Conviviality: we really care about indulging our guests while creating moments for sharing and exchange. * Commitment: we champion eco-responsible food by cooking with fresh produce and working with local food artisans as much as possible. The short breaks and meals shared with our language trainers also contribute to immersion in the target language, in a more informal way. Themed evenings related to a culture, language, region, country, etc. add some zest to your experience and introduce you to new types of cuisine.Our language trainers liven up and stimulate conversations when you're trying out the food, be it at breakfast, during the energising morning break or the gourmet afternoon break, the buffet lunch or dinner served at the table.
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Continuous exposure to the target language means Trainees can put the linguistic elements they have learned straight into practice, thereby slowly consolidating their knowledge outside the classroom and gradually becoming more fluent and confident. That's why wellbeing, team-building and cultural activities, among others, are organised during breaks and evenings.There are also sports and wellbeing facilities to provide Participants with a well-balanced experience.Our hosts will also give you some great tips if you want to make the most of your stay and explore the region!
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Our language immersion seminars are at the root of the CERAN methodology and concept. Available in 11 languages, our training courses achieve outstanding results in a very short time! Are you ready for this unique experience?

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