Understanding a culture

Understanding a culture


Intercultural training to successfully accomplishing your international projects!


Culture is defined by all of the elements that characterise an ethnic group or a nation, as well as a company or a business sector, interculturality defines all of the relationships and interactions between different cultures, generated by encounters or confrontations. Interculturality is based on dialogue and mutual respect for each other's cultural identities.

Testimony complex

“As part of our strategy to internationalise the company and decentralise our corporate culture considered to be too French, we were looking for a training organisation that could address our issues and the needs of our employees. At first I was skeptical about the impact and the singularity of intercultural training, but I was convinced by the experience, the team and the different training solutions that CERAN offered us.  ”

Jean-Pierre B. – DRHI – 

World leader in Construction

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We support you with your international projects!

Your needs change in accordance with the progress of your work project abroad. At the very beginning of the project, both you and your family need to prepare for expatriation and get acquainted with the host country and its language and customs. Then you have to learn to adapt your management to a team with a different culture and learn how to communicate to be understood by an international audience. In short, you have to develop your cultural agility!

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Integration into a new environment

Preparing for your expatriation or return from expatriation. These 2 major steps in your career require training in both expatriation and returning from expatriation in order to be successfully accomplished. Our expatriation course prepares you for your host country, its habits, customs and relationships in the workplace and in everyday life, while the return from expatriation course prepares you for your return to your home country and the impending reverse culture shock!

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The intercultural CultureConnector test

CultureConnector is CERAN's online cultural profiling platform. Before starting any training, Learners take this cultural test that combines their individual profiling with the analysis of more than 80 cultures and countries, on 12 major professional issues. If Learners wish to draw additional information from it, they can benefit from the diagnosis and analysis of an expert in multicultural relations. With CultureConnector, everyone develops their cultural agility!

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Find financing that suits you

You can use financial aid to lower the training costs. Find the financial aid available in your country: 

A wide selection of intercultural training courses

Interculturality is based on dialogue and mutual respect for each other's cultural identities.
Here at CERAN, we have developed a wide selection of intercultural training courses in order to support you when you work abroad or with cross-cultural teams, to address the need for reciprocal understanding and mutual respect.
All CERAN intercultural courses are adapted to different audiences (diplomats, HR directors, managers, students, etc.) and are customised for everyone.
What's more, all of our intercultural courses start with the Cultural Assessment, our cultural profiling test. What better way is there to understand another culture than to already be aware of your own cultural profile and values so that you can compare them to others!
To successfully accomplish your international projects, choose from among our entire selection of intercultural training courses that range from Preparing for Expatriation to Multicultural Management and Management of Remote Teams or even the Communication Skills programme. Our mission is to provide you with constant support, so feel free to continue calling upon the experience of our trainers via a personalised relationship tailored to your situation thanks to our Intercultural Follow Me package!

The key expectations of intercultural training!

Before undertaking intercultural training, it is important to bear in mind the high-quality resources and the added value to your career that these programmes represent. They aim, in fact, to: 

  • Raise the Learners' awareness of the importance of the role and manifestation of culture in terms of values, attitudes, behaviour and communication preferences, in a personal or professional environment. 
  • Develop a good knowledge of the Learners' own culture and their counterparts' culture.
  • Explore the cultural and operational challenges in the international world of work.
  • Develop practical strategies and tools to work and communicate more effectively in a multicultural setting.
  • Develop the Participants' cultural competence and their interculturality.


Absolutely all of our intercultural training courses give you the CERAN guarantee which is that you are "satisfied or re-trained free of charge". Such a commitment on our part is undeniable assurance of the quality of the intercultural training courses provided and their return on investment for you and your company.
All of our trainers and consultants are experts in the CERAN method which is why we are sure you will be satisfied at the end of your course or training programme. Your many recommendations are another example of how satisfied you are. Looking for quality? We offer you excellence!

A tous les professionnels/directeurs RH, mobilité, L&D voulant développer leur compétitivité / celle de leur entreprise à l’international.

Réservez votre appel stratégique OFFERT (30 minutes)

Frédéric Dubois / Country Sales Manager CERAN France

Et je vous aiderai à :

  • Éclaircir vos incertitudes, vous guider à travers les défis interculturels et déterminer la meilleure approche pour vous afin de surmonter les barrières culturelles au sein de vos équipes internationales.
  • Élaborer un plan clair pour vous sortir des cycles d’incompréhension culturelle, afin que vous puissiez optimiser la collaboration et la productivité de votre équipe.
  • Décider si nous sommes le bon partenaire, en découvrant notre méthode sur-mesure validée par des clients français internationaux (leader mondial cosmétique, entreprises CAC40) pour maîtriser les compétences interculturelles et renforcer la cohésion d’équipe.

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