Cultural Assessment

Cultural Assessment

Do you want to know your cultural profile and compare it to other cultures or to the ones of your interlocutors? Access CultureConnector, an online cultural profiling platform and benefit from the analysis and advice of a specialist. In this way, CultureConnector helps develop the cultural agility of learners.


CultureConnector is a platform for discovering and exploring the impact of cultural differences on professional situations. It combines individual profiling with the analysis of more than 80 cultures and countries, on 12 major professional issues (time management, relationship to rules and power, ways of communicating, problem solving, conflict management…)

CultureConnector allows you to determine your cultural profile and measure the impact of cultural dimensions on your business activities.

  • Assessment: by answering a series of questions, determine your cultural profile
  • Benchmarking: identify the gaps between your cultural profile and that of other cultures / interlocutors
  • Country profiles: explore the cultural trends of the countries that interest you and learn to better understand your foreign partners
  • Advice adapted to your profile and the cultures you are or will be confronted with


A cultural profiling tool to use alone or with the advice of an expert. Available online for 3 months.

  • License only : Cultural Assessment – Silver License – access to 15 cultures – 100 € / license
  • License completed by an expert’s analysis : Cultural Assessment + Diagnostic & Analysis – 400 € / license

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