CERAN and its methods

CERAN and its methods

Since 1975, CERAN has ensured that every single day that its Learners experience the passion of its founders,  who dreamed of teaching foreign languages in a context of international encounters.

Our mission has always been to help men and women from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to communicate and understand each other better, both linguistically and interculturally. Encouraging people to meet, share and to develop interaction between different cultures, these are our values. Through meeting people, you will forge ties and relationships with other Trainees from different cultures who speak a variety of languages.

CERAN specialises in language and intercultural training courses and sets itself apart through its concept of immersion which gives absolute priority to the spoken language. The watchwords of our method are repetition, systemisation and automation through dialogue and interaction. A training course at CERAN is a truly human experience, in a friendly, professional learning environment, and a guarantee for success. Our Qualiopi & Datadock certifications are further proof of the quality of our training.

Your success is our goal! This is why at CERAN you are systematically “Satisfied or re-trained free of charge”. Whether you are Head of HR, Head of Training, Head of International Mobility or a manager, you will find the CERAN course to address your needs among the wide range of CERAN training courses. Furthermore, our R&D team will help you create new tailor-made programmes.

What they say

“Ceran is the perfect place to study a foreign language: total immersion, friendly atmosphere, fantastic location and highly qualified teachers. I always felt fantastic every time I went there. Too bad I live far away and I can’t go there more often”

Pieralberto Mengozzi

Studying a language

Having self-confidence is an essential prerequisite for learning a new language in order to express yourself and understand other people.
You will gain this confidence and fluency as you get to know this new language and its structure, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. CERAN’s tried and tested method will help you achieve your goal through its specific know-how.
The CERAN teaching team is at your disposal, made up of more than 190 language trainers who are all native or native equivalent speakers and all trained in our method. Our full immersion method, in one of the 11 languages taught, from morning till evening, personalised attention for each Learner, professional supervision and a multicultural environment whose warm and friendly atmosphere is conducive to learning.
Priority is given to oral communication, this being the specific feature of our method which is broken down into 3 steps. The first phase is called “QRI”, the second is the verbo-tonal technique and the last one relates to key phrases. However, each Participant’s written language requirements are taken into consideration by the language trainer.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin.
The CERAN methodology is an original and unique method developed by the Group’s founders and constantly improved and enhanced since the company was created.

This is the starting point for training. You take a test which makes it possible to establish your language profile and identify your needs. Then in-depth analysis of these needs determines your learning goals and the specific teaching content.
No lessons are actually predetermined before the Trainee arrives. And throughout the training course, the trainer, who knows each Participant's needs, adapts and readjusts, if necessary, the lesson content to achieve the expected result. Each Learner is unique, in fact, and each learns in their own way.

After that, the verbo-tonal method of phonetic correction aims to help the Trainee gain a better perception of the phonological elements of the target language.
During this stage, the work focuses on pronunciation, rectifying phonemes and above all the prosody, i.e. the melody and intonation. There is evidence that by improving prosody, you also improve the phonemes. And when 60% of prosody is corrected, the accent improves!

Another unique aspect of the CERAN method is the drafting and individual use of key phrases.
The Learner summarises the lesson in the form of phrases that reflect the goals (grammar, vocabulary, linguistic acts and/or phonetic elements) which have been worked on during the lesson and are directly related to the training goals. These key phrases are then recorded in a written version and in a spoken version. The language trainer records the spoken version with the right accent and the version is made available to Learners on the CERAN platform. You therefore get to know how to use these key phrases during your course so that you are able to reuse them later.

Learning through immersion is one of the fundamentals of the CERAN method.
By immersion, we mean immersion in the target language and not necessarily physical immersion in a place. There is evidence that the brain is more stimulated in an immersive situation and that immersion enables a better acquisition of knowledge. All dialogue is conducted exclusively in the language being studied. Throughout the day, or from morning to night during residential training courses, only the target language is used. The Learner is exposed to all kinds of media in this language (audio, video, newspapers, etc.). The aim is that the Participant translates as little as possible and very soon manages to think in the target language. All our forms of learning invite you to forget your everyday worries for a short while in order to focus entirely on your learning and thereby increase your progress. In our residential packages, the emphasis is on studying, but also on meeting people, human contact and sharing experiences throughout the activities offered both inside and outside the classroom.
Learning through immersion is an opportunity to reveal your potential!

Understanding a culture

Ever since 1975, CERAN’s promise has been to make learning a language or learning about a culture really enjoyable.
By providing Learners with authentic cultural agility, they become initiated, learn naturally and then perform in their everyday and professional life. The CERAN teaching team has more than 260 intercultural trainers based in France and in over 100 countries. Each one is recruited for their personal and professional experience, and trained in our method. They are all experienced teachers and higher education graduates who are passionate about their countries and their cultures and eager to share their know-how and knowledge. They come from a variety of professional backgrounds and continually update their experience by returning to their country once or twice a year. Together, our trainers cover 160 cultures internationally.
Since it was created, CERAN has trained over 150,000 professionals and every year over 2,250 employees improve their intercultural skills through CERAN training courses. 

Our trainers are experts who are bi-cultural at least and always French/English bilinguals, and they help you learn about a new culture and understand it, providing you with new reactions and responses so that you can adapt to this target culture. With latest-generation digital tools in hand, our experts in intercultural management or international mobility deliver the keys for you to settle in successfully.
Knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills in the new culture are all included in the course! Our training modules are systematically customised according to your needs and your goals. Our training sessions are always tailor-made and the participatory and Learner-centred approach remains the rule. With our "100% satisfied or re-trained free of charge" guarantee, you can choose one of our intercultural courses with peace of mind.

This is the first step in any training, carried out by using our cultural assessment tool CultureConnector. CultureConnector is a cultural profiling platform which lets you position yourself in relation to the target culture, know your references well and measure the impact of cultural aspects on your professional activities.
In addition, the Trainee completes a "Pre-Training Questionnaire" to define their expectations and goals. Why are they interested in this new culture? What do they know about it? What experience do they have? This platform helps you, among other things, to identify the gaps between your cultural profile and that of other cultures or other contacts.

Our unique educational approach puts the spotlight on Learner autonomy. By playing an active role in their training the Participant actually learns more quickly. All the tools CERAN provides you with and all the opportunities for meeting people, interaction and sharing help you become more self-sufficient.
Everyone is unique and everyone has their own way of learning, at their own pace.
Our educational approach therefore aims to be inductive or inverted and is built around 4 phases:
- Awareness of one's own culture
- Perception of differences with the target culture
- Decoding of cultural indices
- Development of intercultural agility.

All of our training processes and pathways are customised to each Learner and tailor-made according to the requests of the corporate clients or the Trainee. Our programmes are individually designed by our trainers based on the outcome of the "Pre-Training Questionnaire" and the CultureConnector profiling, and tailored to your needs and goals. During the training, the trainer regularly makes sure that everyone's goals will be achieved and, if necessary, rectifies and updates the content during the training course.
This educational coherence of our programmes, this common thread, is synonymous with accomplished goals. So you will have the opportunity to be the best you can be!

Your total satisfaction is our goal! So at CERAN, you are "satisfied or re-trained free of charge"!
Your satisfaction is the main performance indicator at CERAN. We have set up a comprehensive monitoring process for assessing your satisfaction. Each intercultural training Trainee receives an overall satisfaction survey at the end of their course. This is their opportunity to give their opinion on the training course itself and on whether or not their goals have been achieved. A second satisfaction survey is sent to them 90 days after the end of the training cycle to assess its long-term impact.
This dual approach is uncompromising. And the overall satisfaction rate is 99%!

The strengths of our method.

It is firstly the human aspect with our trainers, real specialists in a culture. Our trainers are, indeed, experts in creating customised programmes based on Learners' experiences. At the beginning of the training course, the trainer gives each Participant a Training Booklet. You are systematically encouraged to put into practice the intercultural skills you are currently acquiring or have recently acquired. The different stages of our method are the guarantee of a high-quality learning path. This begins with an in-depth analysis of the Learner's needs and their cultural profile. Then their immersion in the target culture via role play, videos, etc. Not to mention continuous verbal interaction. Spiral progression is taking place, i.e. regularly returning to the same subject matter taught with increasing complexity and maintaining acquired knowledge via simulations. All with latest-generation digital tools. It is all the components of our method put together that guarantee you undeniable success.

Our customers talk about us

The environment as a learning accelerator

The expertise of our trainers and consultants, the customised educational content of our training courses and the digital tools are essential to the success of our language training courses and our intercultural training courses. However, that’s not all it takes.
The environment and the setting in which the Learner develops also matter.
That is why we joined the Châteauform’ Group in 2019. The European leader in seminars and events, Châteauform’ offers training venues exclusively for companies. In these exceptional locations, everything has been designed for the comfort of the Participant and to facilitate learning a language or learning about a culture. These venues have also been designed as houses, excellent places for meeting people and socialising. Your well-being and comfort are the reason these venues exist.


As a Professional Learner, you need to be with your peers.
That's why we offer you exclusive training venues, such as our centre in Spa in Belgium. The Château du Haut-Neubois where you will be staying is the perfect setting for your language or intercultural training. All the necessary comforts for your training course await you, accommodation and training rooms are designed for optimal comfort. For example the high-tech equipment in our classrooms, is designed to make your life easier.
You have one task only... to focus on your training!

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Young Adults

You are a Young Adult aged 18 - 25 and you are a Trainee with different needs.
Learning activities are supplemented by a large number of communication activities (meals, breaks, recreational moments and evening events). Our training venues offer you a wide choice of leisure activities such as tennis, table tennis and team sports fields which give you the opportunity to continue to interact, talk to one another and assimilate the language you are learning.

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Our training venues have been designed as houses where our youngest Learners, the Children, will feel comfortable.
What could be more reassuring than a comfortable house and a team that runs the place in a family atmosphere for quickly feeling at home in new surroundings? Some children are already reassured before they come as their parents before them had the chance to experience language study trips at CERAN, the alumni.

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