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Intercultural training takes place in our CERAN BELGIUM | Spa, CERAN CITY | Brussels and CERAN CITY | Paris centres (In-House) or on your premises (in your company worldwide - London, New York, Washington, Paris, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Tokyo, Singapore, New Delhi, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Zurich, Geneva, Moscow, Madrid, ...), remotely, or, by request, via a residential formula.

Intercultural training is available in the form of individual tuition, group, or closed group.
Our intercultural training, covering expatriation and intercultural management, helps you to make your international projects a success.  Our intercultural training "Welcome to France" are regularely organised in our traing centre in Paris, France; "Welcome to Belgium" in our training centre in Brussels, Belgium and "Welcome to The Netherlands" in our training centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Make your expatriation project a success!
No matter what stage your international mobility project is at, we ll help you to acquire the cultural knowledge of the host country and develop the skills you need to integrate into a new professional and social environment.

>> First Expatriation

>> Expatriation <Country>

Check country specific programs here : Cross Cultural training GermanyCross Cultural training Saudi Arabia , Cross Cultural training AustraliaCross Cultural training BelgiumCross Cultural training BrazilCross Cultural training ChinaCross Cultural training EgyptCross Cultural training United Arab EmiratesCross Cultural training United StatesCross Cultural training FranceCross Cultural training IndiaCross Cultural training IranCross Cultural training  ItalyCross Cultural training JapanCross Cultural training MalaysiaCross Cultural training NetherlandsCross Cultural training United KingdomCross Cultural training RussiaCross Cultural training Singapore , ...

>> Return from Expatriation


Turn cultural differences into advantages!
We can help you to decode these differences to adapt and optimise your communication, your management and your negotiating ability.

>> First International Experience

>> Management <Country>

Check specific programs here for more information :   Cross Cultural Management Germany Cross Cultural Management Saudi Arabia , Cross Cultural Management Australia , Cross Cultural Management Belgium , Cross Cultural Management Brazil , Cross Cultural Management China , Cross Cultural Management Egypt , Cross Cultural Management United Arab Emirates , Cross Cultural Management United States , Cross Cultural Management France , Cross Cultural  Management IndiaCross Cultural Management Iran , Cross Cultural Management Italy Cross Cultural Management Japan Cross Cultural Management Malaysia , Cross Cultural Management Netherlands Cross Cultural Management United KingdomCross Cultural Management Russia , Cross Cultural Management Singapore , ...

>> Multicultural Management


Benefit from the expertise of our consultants on specific topics such as international innovation, culture and geopolitics, safety and security, and intergenerational issues.

>> Multicultural Team Building
>> Thematic Management
>> Presentation Skills
>> Management of Remote Teams
>> Multicultural Strategy

Our programmes are specific, dynamic, interactive and take a three-step sequential approach:

  • Identifying and understanding the fundamental values of your host country
  • teaching you how to decode new situations
  • and adapting your behaviour accordingly


With a wide range of solutions available from CERAN, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for!


Improve your cultural understanding

In today’s increasingly connected world, intercultural encounters are frequent and many people have come to understand the importance of these encounters in their business success.
Our intercultural skills solutions will help you to understand others better and avoid misunderstandings.
Our training (conferences, seminars, workshops, distance learning, lunches) can be organised for individuals or for closed groups.


Receive cultural help whenever you need it

You may be working with people from different cultural backgrounds, trying to open up a new market in another country or planning to move abroad.
We can facilitate your expatriation project and offer practical advice to people arriving in a new city or country.
We also offer specific programmes such as Security and Operational Risk Management in Nigeria, Protocol Attitudes, Behaviour and Etiquette in the Middle East, International Innovation, etc. designed to help you in specific situations.


Hone your intercultural skills

The more you know about a country’s culture, the more important it is to master its cultural nuances.
The purpose of our intercultural training is to hone your knowledge of the target culture and help you appropriate the tools needed to work even more effectively within this culture.
This is available as a residential or non-residential formula, in a variety of formats (individual, closed, etc.) and is aimed at people who already have good intercultural skills.

Choose your programme