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Intercultural helpdesk

Are you keen to build on the knowledge you've already acquired and continue to benefit from the advice of trainers to facilitate your social and professional integration? Our Intercultural Helpdesk package allows you to schedule one or more remote appointments with your trainer, who will guide you through your integration or assignment and answer all your specific questions.

This distance learning formula (videoconference or telephone) is the perfect addition to the other training programmes, and you benefit from the customised support and advice of a consultant.

The avantages of the package : analyses and answers to your operational questions

Any training course is only as good as its practical application. We have all appreciated a training course and said to ourselves: "I want to use this idea", or "I’m going to apply this tool" ... but a few days or weeks later, when we put it into practice, we would like to be able to discuss it again with the trainer.

The Intercultural Helpdesk package allows you to benefit from analysis and advice when you need it: additional information about your host country, ideas and analysis that will help to take away the stress of dealing with new professional challenges, preparing a meeting with your new team, meeting a new contact, driving change in your organisation, and more.
The package consists of one-and-a-half-hour telephone or video conference (Skype) sessions.
  • Highly customised : each session is adapted to your needs and provides a customised answer to your specific problems
  • Scaleable : your trainer will guide you step by step, adapting to your rhythm and facilitating each phase of your integration or your assignment
  • Practical and instant : you benefit from the advice of your trainer in real time and can put it into practice immediately