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Would you like to discover your own cultural profile and be able to compare it with other cultures or the profiles of your contacts? Access CultureConnector, an online cultural profiling platform, and enjoy expert analysis and advice.


a multifonction plateform

CultureConnector is a platform that makes it possible to discover and explore the impact of cultural differences on professional situations. It combines individual profiling with an analysis of more than 70 cultures and countries, focusing on 12 major professional issues, including time management, the relationship with rules and power, methods of communication, problem-solving, and conflict management.

With CultureConnector you can discover your cultural profile and learn to recognise how cultural dimensions affect your working life.
  • Assessment - Answer a set of questions to determine your cultural profile
  • Comparaison - Identify the differences between your profile and that of other cultures/contacts
  • Country sheets - Explore the cultural trends of the countries that are of interest to you and gain a better understanding of your foreign partners
  • Advice - Benefit from advice tailored to your profile and to the cultures you'll come into contact with now or in the future