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Are you going to work abroad, or are you new to a country and keen to facilitate your integration and that of your family? Our Expatriation programme is the ideal solution to help you and your family take on this new challenge.

Whatever the stage of your international mobility project, this training course – tailored to your country and expatriation environment – will help you to develop the intercultural knowledge and skills necessary to ensure successful integration into your new environment.

Your training programme : a practical approach to help you integrate into everyday life

Settling in and enjoying everyday life in a new country requires you to adapt to both the country and its characteristics, the patterns of day-to-day socialisation and interaction, and the material and social conditions of expatriate life. This one-day training course, focusing specifically on your host country, will prepare you for these challenges:
  • Understanding the country and its characteristics : its current affairs, its issues and its unique characteristics that influence behaviour and daily life
  • Getting used to the social and cultural environment : identities and fundamental values, family model, educational system, language(s), religion(s) and so on
  • Communicating and interacting on a day-to-day basis : codes of courtesy, communication habits, etc.
  • Adapting to expatriate life : living conditions, socialisation, settling in and everyday life, family life, precautions, to-do list...
  • Good practices and tips : networks, addresses, things to do...
  • Role plays and customised action plan

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