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first expatriation

Are you about to take up your first expatriate assignment? Our First Expatriation programme is the ideal solution to help you prepare for this new adventure, alone or with your family.

Intended for participants about to move abroad for the first time, this international mobility training is designed to promote an awareness of the personal challenges linked with the change of environment (culture shock, preparation of the family project, integration of spouse, alienation, etc.). It should be followed by specific Expatriation <Culture> type training.

Your training programme : a comprehensive package to ensure the success of your first expatriation

The first expatriate assignment is an important event in an expatriate’s professional career and life, as well as that of his family. These two facets (professional and personal/family) are inextricably linked if the project is to be a success. This one-day training course will prepare you for the challenges you'll come up against when moving abroad :
  • Identifying the key success factors : understanding one's role, cultural intelligence, adjustment of the family
  • Mastering the stages of adjustment : identifying, understanding and anticipating culture shock; integrating the expatriation curve and speeding up adjustment
  • Adapting to a new cultural environment : representations of the world and the variability of associated behaviours: introduction to intercultural theories
  • Building your personal and family project : why take up an expatriate assignment? A discussion of the objectives of expatriation - how should it be approached? What are the prospects?
  • Good practices and advice : mobilising expatriate networks, keeping in touch...
  • Role plays and customised action plan

In addition to the training >> Expatriation <country>