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intercultural training - EXPATRIATION AUSTRALIA

international mobility – australia (1 DAY)


Getting used to the country

1. Understanding Australia
•    The origins of Australia: discovery, colonisation, immigration waves
•    The Aborigines, their presence and their current situation. “Stolen generation” and “sorry day “
•    The place of flags in Australia. What or who do they represent?
•    The lucky country : economic prosperity to make the G8 envious

2. Australian values and behaviours
•    The Australians do not focus on their appearance. Myth or reality?
•     Lifestyle sea, surf & sun?
•     Multiculturalism seen as the great success of the Australian social policy


Getting used to socialisation patterns

3. Australian communication styles
•    Official language: English yes, but which English? English English vs. Australian English
•    Potluck, BYO, tea time, barbies, what do these everyday terms mean?
•    Taboos and conversation subjects

4. Living and socialising  with the Australians
•    Very strict rules: driving, alcohol-free zones, car seats, swimming areas, etc. Why so many rules?
•    The religion of sport and the body: an urban phenomenon?
•    “Made in Australia”: pride in Australian products
•     Getting acquainted, being invited


5. Expatriate life in Australia
•    Moving and everyday life: procedures, accommodation, health, etc
•    Leisure, expat communities
•    Schools, extracurricular activities, sports.
6. Focus on your expatriation city
•    Getting your bearings, moving around the city
•    Unmissable things to see and do

7. Making your expatriation a success
•    Preparing for adaptation phases
•    Practical advice, questions-answers
•    Action plan: plan and objectives for the expatriate and their family.