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intercultural training - EXPATRIATION BELGIUM


international mobility – INTERCULTURAL TRAINING belgium (1 DAY)


Getting used to the country

1. Understanding Belgium
•    Historic events shaping contemporary Belgium and its organisation
•    A multicultural country: strengths and weaknesses
•    Belgium, a State created from nothing in 1830: from united Belgium to Federal, even Confederal, Belgium
•    The complex structures of a small State

2. Belgian values and behaviours
•    “There are no Belgians, only Flemish and Walloons”
•    The pioneers of European integration (UEBL, Benelux, etc.)
•    Famous Belgians throughout history and worldwide; famous French people who are Belgian

Getting used to socialisation patterns

3. Belgian communication styles
•    Don’t be fooled by appearances
•    Decoding the second degree
•    What may surprise the French
•    Social codes and practices

4. Living and socialising  with the Belgians
•    The Belgian, “welcoming but not very familiar”
•    Belgians, multicultural by necessity and playing this card
•    Social codes: relative informality, for real?
•    Socialising and making friends: Belgians and internationals


5. Expatriate life in Belgium
•    Moving and everyday life: procedures, accommodation, health, etc
•    Leisure, expat communities
•    Schools, extracurricular activities, sports.
6. Focus on your expatriation city
•    Getting your bearings, moving around the city
•    Unmissable things to see and do

7. Making your expatriation a success
•    Preparing for adaptation phases
•    Practical advice, questions-answers
•    Action plan: plan and objectives for the expatriate and their family.