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intercultural training - expatriation japan

international mobility – jAPAN (1 DAY)


Getting used to the country

1. Understanding Japan
•    Paradoxes and challenges of the 3rd largest global power: economy, society, politics
•    A unique history: from its foundation to the present day: Edo period, Second World War, etc.
•    “The imperial institution”
•    The social and economic impact of the triple disaster of 11 March

2. Japanese values and behaviours
•    The three bases of Japanese culture: insularity, typhoons and rice 
•    Nationalism, patriotism
•    Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and work ethic.
•    A mono-ethnic country
•    Very structural writing: self-control and meticulousness


Getting used to socialisation patterns

3. Japanese communication styles
•    Courtesy and the implied: decoding what is said and what isn’t
•    What makes the Japanese feel uncomfortable
•    Gestures and dress code

4. Living and socialising  with the Japanese
•    Family, the little emperor
•    Seniority, hierarchy and the role of women
•    Codes and good manners
•    Socialising: getting to know people, getting acquainted, taboos and sensitive subjects


5. Expatriate life in Japan
•    Moving and everyday life: procedures, accommodation, health, etc
•    Leisure, expat communities
•    Schools, extracurricular activities, sports.
6. Focus on your expatriation city
•    Getting your bearings, moving around the city
•    Unmissable things to see and do

7. Making your expatriation a success
•    Preparing for adaptation phases
•    Practical advice, questions-answers
•    Action plan: plan and objectives for the expatriate and their family.