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intercultural training - EXPATRIATION UNITED STATES

international mobility – UNITED STATES (1 DAY)


Getting used to the country

1. Understanding the United States
•    The world view of the United States
•    An immense and multicultural country
•    Pioneering spirit, war of independence and the American dream
•    A federal State and federated States: the power dynamic in the United States

2. American values and behaviours
•    WASP culture: a founding reference
•    “Self-Made Man” and “Bill of Rights”: freedom and choice
•    Enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude
•    “Time is money” 
•    Team spirit and competition
•    Mobility as a way of life
•    Patriotism: the country has given everything, it must be returned


Getting used to socialisation patterns

3. American communication styles
•    An empathetic way of communicating
•    “Polite but direct”
•    Categorising and simplifying for better understanding
•    Invisible commonplace between Americans and Europeans

4. Living and socialising  with the Americans
•    Social life: forging and maintaining relationships
•    Friendship and fair play
•    Education, school and family
•     Leisure, expat communities
•     Social codes: courtesy, gifts, dress code, sensitive subjects, etc.


5. Expatriate life in America
•    Moving and everyday life: procedures, accommodation, health, etc
•    Leisure, expat communities
•    Schools, extracurricular activities, sports.
6. Focus on your expatriation city (New York, Washington, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston,...)
•    Getting your bearings, moving around the city
•    Unmissable things to see and do

7. Making your expatriation a success
•    Preparing for adaptation phases
•    Practical advice, questions-answers
•    Action plan: plan and objectives for the expatriate and their family.