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Welcome to our language school (Brussels, Paris…)

CERAN provides intensive language courses such as residential French courses for adults, French immersion summer camps and many more

Today, there are so many things to understand.

The world is an astounding, fascinating, rich and varied place. With hundreds of countries and billions of inhabitants, it can sometimes seem complex, daunting and incomprehensible.

At CERAN, we see this as a chance to interact, share and learn, an opportunity to understand languages, cultures, politics, business and, most importantly, our fellow men and women. The better we understand them, the better we understand the world around us.

We encourage our students to take a look at cultural aspects by joining, for example, our French immersion courses in Paris or one of our English immersion courses.

Push your boundaries.


Some examples of training:


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Language training for EXECUTIVES

CERAN offers global, personalised solutions to all linguistic training needs.

Throughout the year, we offer intensive, complete immersion residential language training for adults aged 18 and over (like a Business French course in Paris), no matter their level in the target language.

The training formulas offered are residential (minimum stay 2 days), non-residential (e.g. in our Language School in Brussels), and distance learning. They are available in the form of individual tuition, group, closed group and mixed groups (individual | group combination).

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YOUNG ADULTS Language training

These trainings (Intensive French courses in Paris, Intensive Summer French course in Brussels, ...) are designed specifically for young adults aged 18 to 25 who wish to prepare for an exam or an overseas internship, get a fuller understanding of the required reading at university, or prepare for their first job interview.

YOUNG ADULTS language training is available as a residential formula, in individual or in group format.

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JUNIORS Language training

These trainings are designed specifically for juniors aged 9 to 17.

The training formulas offered are residential (school holidays, e.g. a French immersion summer camp).

During these courses, youngsters can learn to develop real communication skills, reinforce what they’ve learnt at school, prepare for higher education or a move abroad at the same time as enjoying a fantastic multicultural experience.


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Intercultural training

Our intercultural training, covering expatriation and intercultural management, helps make your international projects a success.

Our programmes are specific, dynamic, interactive and take a three-step sequential approach:

  • identifying and understanding the fundamental values of your host country
  • teaching you how to decode new situations
  • and adapting your behaviour accordingly

Our knowledge of intercultural aspects makes us a provider of one of the best French language courses in Paris.

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