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our EXECUTIVE language training

CERAN offers a global, personalised solution to all linguistic training needs.

Throughout the year, we offer intensive, complete immersion residential language training for adults aged 18 and over, no matter their level in the target language.
The training formulas offered are residential (minimum stay 2 days), non-residential, and distance learning.

Residential language immersion training courses

Residential training is held at our CERAN BELGIUM | Spa centre.
It is available in the form of individual tuition, group, closed group and mixed groups (individual | group combination).
The programmes provide for 8 to 10 periods of tuition per day.

residential programmes | language immersion courses

Are you regularly required to communicate in a language different to your mother tongue?
Are you working on a new project in a foreign country and want to be supported by an expert in this country’s language?
Are you looking to develop your business in a new market?
Do you lead or attend international meetings and want to be more effective in the language of your peers?
All these situations and many others make mastery of languages a major asset in your role!

Our intensive residential programmes

Immersion | Combination 1 or Combination 2 >>
Immersion | Individual Premium 6 >>
NEW: CERAN residential full immersion is back in France!
Discover the Residential Individual Premium 6 | France programme and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the magnificient Château de Fillerval in Île-de-France.
Immersion | Individual 6 >>

Typical day on a residential programme  >>

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Non-residential training is held In-House in our CERAN BELGIUM | Spa, CERAN CITY | Brussels and CERAN CITY | Paris centres or In-Company on your premises.
Distance learning courses can be held by video-conferencing or telephone.

Some of our non-residential programmes:

In-Company | In-House Intense Flex Individual >>
In-Company | In-House Intense Flex Group >>
In-Company | In-House Intense Plus Individual >>
In-Company | In-House Intense Plus Group >>

If you wish to book distance language training, please check-out our programmes here:
Online executive language courses

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Compte Professionnel Formation (CPF): please click here for further information!  
Financial aid is also available in Belgium and Luxemburg: please click here to find out more about it!

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Fine-tune your language skills

Nowadays, everyone in business knows that being multilingual is a great advantage or even a must.

Our complete immersion residential language training (1 week or 3-day mini-stays) enables you to improve your communication skills quickly.
Our In-House and In-Company programmes offer effective solutions for busy people who can only spare a few hours a week for their training.
Whether you are a complete beginner or already at ease in the language, our EXECUTIVE training is made for you.


Get a quick answer to urgent questions

Sometimes, all you need is an answer to an urgent or specific question.

We can help you thanks to our à la carte training.

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