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Learning a language
Understanding a culture
Learn a foreign language at our language school and open up your professional, student or personal life to new horizons. Together with students from all over the world, you will sleep, dine and experience life and culture made in CERAN. Experience CERAN language and intercultural immersion in Spa, the inspiring and enchanting city of water. Or in Paris, the city of light, and finally in Brussels, the capital of Europe. Perhaps you’d like to try the Junior Immersion experience at our summer camps? Or will you follow in the footsteps of the Belgian royal family, who perfect their immersive language learning at CERAN? Your new opportunities will be all the better when they are enjoyed with friends from all over the world. Because one thing is certain, there will be a before and after for you at CERAN.

The most recommended language school in Europe by companies and individuals from 5 continents


personnes des 5 continents ont déjà fait l'expérience d'apprentissage des langues étrangères au CERAN


années d'expérience et d'expertise  pour apprendre une langue rapidement grâce à une méthode unique


des apprenants nous recommandent après leur expérience d'apprentissage de la langue au CERAN

Ready for new linguistic horizons?

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Durant 20 minutes, nous analysons votre niveau de langue, vos besoins, vos barrières de la langue actuelles, vos objectifs ET vous conseillons au mieux pour votre parcours de formation dans la langue-cible.

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A unique language method. Like you

Self-confidence is a prerequisite for learning a language in order to be able to express yourself and understand others. You will gain this confidence, this ease, by becoming familiar with the language, its structure, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You are unique. And so are your language learning needs. So why should you settle for anything less than the best language method to learn a language quickly and master it perfectly?
Full and intensive immersion in one of 11 different languages
Personalized attention to each learner’s needs
Professional guidance in a multicultural environment
A warm and friendly atmosphere conducive to learning

What are your language needs?


Notre gamme innovante de formations linguistiques et de formations interculturelles a été pensée pour vous.

Ces formations à distance, en présentiel, en immersion ou encore en blended vous accompagnent tout au long de votre vie professionnelle et tiennent toutes leurs promesses !

Apprentissage d'une nouvelle langue, animation d'équipe à l'international, expatriation... tout ce dont vous avez besoin, au CERAN nous l'avons imaginé pour vous !

Je veux faire décoller ma carrière


L'offre interculturelle CERAN est le parfait prolongement de l'offre linguistique CERAN !

Avec plus de 260 formateurs interculturels basés en France et dans plus de 100 pays, nos experts de l'interculturel couvrent plus de 160 cultures ! Tous sont formés à notre méthode et passionnés par leurs pays, leur culture et désireux de partager les savoirs, savoir-faire et savoir-être inhérents à leur culture.

Ainsi, nous vous accompagnons dans tous vos projets internationaux. Ensemble, transformons les différences en richesses culturelles !

Je veux enrichir mes projets internationaux


Nos formations Young Adults, ont pour objectif de : vous préparer à des études supérieures ou à un examen ; préparer un stage à l'étranger ; vous préparer à un premier entretien d'embauche.

Je veux préparer mon avenir


Nos formations Juniors dédiées aux 7-17 ans ont pour objectifs de : Développer la communication ; renforcer les connaissances scolaires ; préparer à l'intégration dans un nouveau pays.

Je veux me donner toutes les chances de réussir


En dehors de nos programmes de formations, nous sommes habilités à faire passer des tests certifiants de langue tels que : le TOEIC, Bright et Linguaskills.

Je teste mon niveau de langues

Like Jean-Michel, Lucie and the others, become a #ceraner and develop your language skills

“Meals are a time when we practice English informally. Where we rub shoulders with each other.”
Lucie Balsaux Director of the company Les Royales Marionettes
“The training at CERAN is an extraordinary and intensive experience.”
Ania Finance and Human Resources Manager
“I chose this school because they have a very good method of teaching you the language.”
Luis, 15 years old – Switzerland

Practice foreign languages with confidence

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Découvrez nos lieux d’immersion en langue, nos programmes de langue et interculturels reconnus et l'impact que peuvent avoir nos cours sur la vie des participants.

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Your questions. Our answers

CERAN proposes a communicative approach where the learner is at the centre of the learning process. The aim is to make the learner autonomous by leading him/her to :
  • become aware of this process
  • learn to learn
  • develop their communicative competence and the different cultural, sociological and linguistic components that are linked to it.
Without a doubt, the best way to learn to break down language barriers and develop a command of foreign languages quickly.
CERAN offers a wide range of training courses via the CPF for general, professional or sectoral purposes. Contact CERAN and we will be happy to get back to you to explain the administrative procedures involved. Whether you want to develop your language skills, become an expatriate or live and work in a foreign country, let us know your individual language learning needs.
All our teachers are native speakers. In other words, these passionate native speakers, specially selected for their skills and pedagogy, are the best in language teaching.
Mastering a foreign language as well as one’s mother tongue is extremely difficult. However, training at CERAN allows the learner to feel more comfortable, or even very comfortable, in the communication situations he or she has to face, whether with non-native or native speakers. Learning vocabulary, assimilating grammar rules and developing oral fluency quickly, living the language in total immersion will guarantee a perfect command of the language.
The CERAN method is first and foremost an experiential method based on people. Do you or one of your Talents need to learn a new language or perfect one in order to take up a new position? Our immersive method allows you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. An in-depth analysis of your needs, via our “Single Test”, allows us to specify your skills, your learning objectives and the personalised training content prior to the course. Our learning method does not only rely on the participants’ language skills. Their psycho-socio-cultural skills are also taken into account, because mastering a language is not just a matter of knowing the grammatical rules. This is why we give priority to interaction in our courses, as it is the interpersonal exchanges that enrich the training and reinforce memorization. For more information on our courses: English language courses
The learner is welcomed by the teaching team at the beginning of the course and they stay with him/her to help him/her improve his/her skills in the target language. Depending on the programme chosen, the learner follows group lessons or group lessons combined with individual lessons. CERAN also offers a programme consisting solely of individual lessons for those who have very specific needs or who wish to follow a very intensive course.
A course at CERAN is more effective than a stay in a country where the target language is spoken. Thanks to the Ceran methodology and a team of highly qualified teachers, the learner makes real progress in a minimum of time.
CERAN is an official partner and test provider for the following tests: TOEIC, Linguaskill, LILATE and Bright. Do you want to learn to speak German? Learn Italian? Want to learn Spanish or make rapid progress and become an English speaker? CERAN also offers an in-house level test to assess your level before you start a course with us.
Whatever your language level, CERAN can offer you a course adapted to your needs. If you opt for group lessons (with or without individual lessons), you will be working with learners who have the same language level as you. Do you want to become familiar with the language? Master the language? Discover the possibilities of learning new languages in a fast, intensive, immersive AND personalized way at CERAN. Through our language courses tailored to your language needs.
CERAN is ideal for individuals who want to learn a language. Do you want to develop your foreign language skills? Go abroad and speak the language of the country? Take advantage of our free strategic call with one of our advisors. During 20 minutes, we analyse your language level, your needs, your current language barriers, your objectives AND advise you on the best way to learn the target language.
CERAN has a learning centre in Paris, but thanks to our relationship with Chateauform, we also offer immersion weeks in Mery-sur-Oise and other châteaux near Paris. We can also offer training in other major cities in France thanks to our network of expert trainers. Contact us for more details. For more information: English language courses in France Intensive English course in France Cours anglais intensif en France
CERAN offers English courses in 4 training centres located in Belgium: Spa, Brussels, Antwerp and Ferrières For more information: English training in Belgium Language training in Belgium
CERAN has a learning centre in the heart of La Défense. Easily accessible by metro line 1, RER line A or by tramway, we are located in the “Learning Lab by Chateauform” right next to the Grande Arche where you can follow your courses. Our trainers can also come to your company in Paris and its suburbs. Contact us for more details. For more information: Intensive English course in Paris Professional English courses in Paris English course in Paris
As a specialist in language and intercultural training, CERAN stands out for its immersion concept, which gives absolute priority to the spoken word. The key words of our method are repetition, systemisation and automation through exchanges and interactions. A training course at CERAN is a real human experience, in a learning environment that is both professional and friendly, and a guarantee of success. Our Qualiopi & Datadock accreditations are further proof of the quality of our training courses. Your success is our goal! This is why at CERAN you are systematically “Satisfied or re-trained free of charge”.

Find the right financing for you

All CERAN language courses are eligible for financial support for language training! This financial support comes in different forms and varies from country to country and sometimes from region to region. While in Belgium there are training vouchers, the training allowance, the KMO-portefeuille grant (electronic wallet for SMEs), Brawo grants and IPV-IFP sectoral grants, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg training is co-financed and in France the CPF, or Compte Personnel de Formation, is used. Some intercultural training courses are also sometimes eligible for grants or subsidies.

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