Our Belgian centre at the Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa

Our Belgian centre at the Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa

Spa's reputation as a spa destination speaks for itself. Moreover, since the summer of 2021, Spa has been a UNESCO "Great Spa Town of Europe" World Heritage Site. Spa is also a town which enjoys an exceptional location in the Ardennes at the crossroads of several European cultures and countries: Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France. The Château du Haut-Neubois has always been, and still is, a welcoming place to stay. Today, men and women from around the world come here to learn a foreign language in friendly surroundings.

Your hosts

You will be given a warm welcome at the Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa and made to feel at home by hosts Caroline & Laurent. A wonderful European couple, Caroline is French and Laurent is Italian, and they have 3 children – Giuseppe, Charlotte and Izia – who were born in France and Italy. Caroline and Laurent are charming hosts who started at CERAN in September 2019 after having spent 19 years with Châteauform’. They complement each other: Caroline is the creative one with her love of sharing and communication while Laurent has an appetite for challenges and a talent for uniting teams. Your hosts will stop at nothing to make your stay at Spa unforgettable through their warm welcome and their support and flawless organisation of your training course.


The Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa is a fabulous setting for learning foreign languages or assimilating a new culture. The château is the ideal place for studious and professional learning on a CERAN training course in a warm, friendly atmosphere. What’s more, the Château du Haut-Neubois is open all year round, even on public holidays, to accommodate the diaries of all Learners and Trainees.


Our comfortable accommodation and facilities include: 71 guestrooms including 2 suites, lounges, a bar and dining rooms plus a well-being centre with a jacuzzi, sauna and gym. Guests who love sport will also find an on-site tennis court, multi-sports field and petanque court. Chef Laëtitia offers you international cuisine and Belgian specialities (fish waterzooi, lacquemants, Liège waffles, etc.) whilst taking into account Trainees’ different dietary requirements.


As regards learning, there are 36 meeting and conference rooms. And for relaxation, there are 7 lounges where you can play table football, table tennis, darts and sjoelbak (shuffleboard).


There is free Wifi in the meeting areas and ADSL in all the guestrooms.

Château du Haut-Neubois

Avenue des Petits Sapins, 27 4900 Spa Belgium

Latitude : 50.489525

Longitude : 5.9016792 customer@ceran.com *

Which route should you choose to get to Spa?

Check out our immersive training courses

Our Spa site is perfectly suited to immersive training, during which you are continually supported by your trainer. The immersion programmes are conducted in individual or group format and in inter or intra-company format.

Our training courses at Spa

CERAN has been a member of the Châteauform' Group since 2019 and at Spa, it offers you all the courses available! Residential courses, obviously, distance-learning courses and immersive courses. The choice is yours!

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