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Are you moving to the Netherlands and want to learn Dutch fast? Do you need to speak Dutch in a business setting? The Dutch immersion course is a great choice and has many benefits, including the speed at which you acquire the language but also gives you cultural understanding.

What Is Dutch Immersion?

Essentially, immersion means you are surrounded by a language you want to learn and communicate exclusively in this target language. This intensive style can sound a little scary, but it is actually a lot of fun and produces outstanding results.

Immersion learning has been around for a long time, and its success is well established. There are different types of immersive experiences. For example, children can enrol in schools where all subjects, maths, science, history, etc., are taught in the language of choice, meaning they use the language all day. You can also sign up for a Dutch immersion course.

These intensive immersion programmes are set in an environment, whether a classroom or camp, where you are given a chance to use the language continuously. You will be completely submerged in the language. All lessons and activities, even mealtimes, are spent interacting in Dutch. Nowadays, you can even begin your immersive learning at home, using apps and through movies, music, and other enjoyable activities.

Dutch Immersion

How long does it take to learn Dutch with an immersion?

The common question is, how long does it take to learn a language. This is a complicated subject with no clear answer. Various factors will contribute to how quickly you learn Dutch, even with an immersive experience.

If you are ready to fully dive into Dutch Immersion, taking every opportunity to listen and speak, you will progress incredibly fast. Obviously, there is a big difference between learning Dutch for just a few hours a week and learning all day over several days or weeks.

Another point to consider is how much Dutch you already know. If you have some understanding of Dutch grammar structures and some basic vocabulary, this will, of course, give you a great head start.

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It Depends on Your Native Language

It also depends on what your native language is and how similar or dissimilar is it for the structure of Dutch. For example, suppose your native language is English, which is also a Germanic language the most similar to Dutch. In that case, you will most likely progress faster than someone whose native tongue is Chinese, for instance.

But remember this is something very individual and it is better not to compare yourself with others. On the other hand, set your personal goals and celebrate all your achievements along the way.

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Is Dutch Immersion effective?

The simple answer is yes. Dutch Immersion is incredibly effective. Not just for children but also adults and business people alike. Studies have shown that immersive-style language learning produces the full brain patterns of a native speaker in someone learning the new language.

The immersive course focuses on communicating with specific language that will help you meet your goals and have the ability to communicate fluently in Dutch. With the use of real-life role-play activities, you can practise what you have learned in the classroom and get on-the-spot feedback and correction from the native tutors. You will quickly learn and retain the language with this continuous and intensive method.

The speed at which you will progress is also inseparable from immersive techniques. Within a few days, you will see improvements, and this, in turn, will motivate you to keep going. You will learn more complex aspects of language and grammar naturally and organically. Meaning you pick up some of the most challenging things without even noticing.

What is lacking with some traditional Dutch language courses is cultural awareness and understanding. Culture is something especially important if you are learning Dutch for business. Throughout the Dutch immersion course, you are not just learning language skills but also about people and culture. You learn in real-life situations in the right context with Dutch native teachers, which all contribute to your better understanding of Dutch culture and communication patterns.

Dutch Intensive Immersion

Benefits of the Immersion Method

Exclusively communicating in Dutch means, you will improve your Dutch fast and give you outstanding confidence even outside the classroom. The immersive method is based on constant and continuous communication between students and teachers.

During classroom activities, you are given key sentences that you can adapt to a wide range of personal or professional settings. Teachers use the verbotonal method that gives you the skills you need to master intonation and the rhythm of speaking Dutch.

Immerse Yourself in Dutch Culture

The immersion method also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Dutch culture, thanks to the interactive and dynamic activities.

In this enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere will start to feel at ease with using the language and communicating with a wide variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds. You will have access to the highly professional native speakers tutors.

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If you are looking for an intensive Dutch immersion course, CERAN offers courses for all levels. Programmes based on a method of continuous communication.

The CERAN native Dutch tutors and teachers are dedicated and always available to give you feedback and encouragement. Contact us today for more information and find the programme best suited to your needs.

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