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English Immersion Summer Camp





There are endless reasons to learn English. Although Chinese is the most spoken language globally, English is truly the language of international communication. Do you want to learn English in the best possible way? An English immersion summer camp is a fantastic experience that you will leave with the skills and confidence to start speaking English.

What are the benefits of immersive English?

English is known as the language of opportunity. Around 1.35 billion people speak English worldwide, and 60 countries have English as the official language, including the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Truly the language of world business and diplomacy, English is the language of the United Nations and European Union. There are many opportunities open to English speakers. There are endless programmes and courses available to learn English, but we will discuss the benefits of an English immersion summer camp.

English Course


The most significant benefit is the speed at which you acquire language. An English immersion summer camp gives you more opportunities to listen, read, write, and speak in English than any other type of programme.  With practical role-play activities, you will quickly learn how to use English phrases and slang and will soon improve your comprehension skills.

An outstanding benefit of English immersion is that you communicate with native English tutors and teachers all day. Not only will you learn the language quickly but also English culture and communication styles.

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Whether you are a young learner or an adult, fun is an important factor for learning. The first step to enjoying your course is keeping clear in mind your motivation or reason for learning English in the first place.

The English immersion summer camp is a great way to stay motivated and really enjoy the learning process. Remember, learning English is not a chore but can be lots of fun. A summer camp is a truly engaging and enjoyable experience, with constant interaction to keep you interested.

intensive immersion - engaging
Learning a language


Studies have long shown that immersion language learning is highly effective. Being surrounded by English helps students to develop high-level language skills and the ability to communicate fluently.

Immersion is not just successful for young learners but also adults. The difference between traditional language courses and immersion is the exposure and opportunities to speak in a natural environment. In the classroom environment, you spend a lot of time learning grammar and using textbooks.

On the other hand, in an English immersion summer camp, you not only learn essential grammar but are also exposed to the language in a relaxed environment, which means successful development of speaking skills.

How can I make the most of immersion in English?

The key to a successful experience with an English immersion summer camp is the effort you put into learning and practising. Simply taking part in an English immersion summer camp is not enough and will not automatically give you the skills you need to speak English well.

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Interact in English

Perhaps other students taking part in the course speak your native language. This can be a disadvantage as there is a natural tendency to fall into mostly interacting with people who speak your language.  Make a concerted effort only to speak English and interact with native speakers whenever possible.

Your summer camp experience will be far more enjoyable and beneficial if you spend time getting to know people from other cultures and backgrounds. It will also help you progress with your English faster. You need to engage with the language and push yourself.

Small changes

To truly make the most of your English immersion summer camp, make some small changes that make a big difference. For example, why not change the settings of your phone or other mobile devices to English.

It may seem like a nuisance at first, but you will quickly get used to it, and it is a great way to go that step further with your immersive experience.

Phone in English
Learn English

Watch movies or series in English

Do you love reading? Try reading a book in English, even if you are a beginner, start with something simple and small and build from there.

Or maybe you are more into movies, watch your favourite movie or TV series in English. Watch something you know very well in your native language, as this will help you fill in the gaps with context.

English Immersion Courses

The CERAN English immersion course is excellent for both someone starting at the beginning or more advanced students. Based on constant communication and mutual listening, our method sets us apart. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself totally in an English language environment. You will make not just progress fast but leave with long-lasting skills. Contact us today to find out more about the English immersion summer camp.

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