Professional English-Speaking Course Online

Professional English-Speaking Course Online





It has become normal to work and communicate via videoconference every day. Whether you love or hate working remotely, it is something we all need to adapt with, as the future of global business will continue to use remote forms of communication. 

Do you need to conduct business meeting in English? Would you like to lead a project and communicate with colleagues all over the world? Here is why you should take a professional english-speaking course.

3 reasons to study Professional English

You might reason that you already have a basic level of English, so why do I specifically need professional English lessons?There are many advantages to learning how to communicate effectively with professional English.

1. Communication

Sure, being able to get by with the basic English you have is fine but if you really want to make an impression for that interview or new job, being a professional English speaker will set you apart from everyone else.

Having the skills to communicate clearly and efficiently is especially important if you are taking part in a project that requires you to speak and understand English.

2. Career Opportunities

English is most certainly the global language of business and trade. For example, business sectors like aviation and telecommunication often require English as the main language. With more and more international links between business, being able to speak professional English will open doors and dream career opportunities wherever you are.

3. Study and Work Abroad

Do you want to work in an English-speaking country? It is essential to have even a basic level of English but having a professional level will make work and daily life a lot easier. Not only will an experience studying or working abroad give you unforgettable memories and experiences but also open the door to greater earnings potential.

The biggest difference with taking a standard English course and a professional English-speaking course online are the topics and vocabulary you will focus on during your lessons. 

CERAN’s professional English-speaking course focuses on effective communication with colleagues and customers in the business environment. You will learn more formal structures of language, but also the culture and nuance of communication in an English setting.


If you are a professional, then networking is not a new concept. The same approach can be taken with your professional English. Look for opportunities at online conferences, meetings, and other events to practise your English

Don’t hold back, put yourself out there and practise what you have learned. Prepare beforehand a business or general topic to discuss with English-speaking participants. If you are still nervous to speak in front of other people, remember most people are in the same situation as you and are most likely not fluent in English.

Speak slowly and share your learning experience with others. You never know what those connections will lead too.

Professional english course

Listen Carefully

When you are travelling or taking part in work events where you are exposed to lots of English listen and take in as much as possible. It can be tiring but it is well worth the effort and energy. You will learn a lot by paying close attention to how, especially native speakers, use phrases, greetings, and slang.

Strike up a conversation, ask lots of questions and listen carefully.

Listen to the news, ted talks or podcasts on your area of business or favourite topic or hobbies.

Would you like personal advice or a tailor-made offer?

Use Videos

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to improve your general English skills is by watching movies or TV series in English. This principle can also be applied to professional English.

Watch videos related to your area of expertise, you can find informative and easy-to-follow videos on science, politics technology or anything else.

Pay close attention to language and vocabulary you can then use in a work setting.

How to use professionnal english

Our professional English Courses

CERAN offer professional English speakers courses online, meaning you can take advantage of this opportunity to study from the comfort of your home or office.

Our online flexible programme will fit to your individual professional and person needs, and can be adapted to your busy schedule. Professional English will open up greater career opportunities and the global market place, bring you a step closer to your dream job.

Contact CERAN to find out more about our courses that are available for all levels and for a wide variety of needs, including:

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