Intense flex & Plus closed group in Italian

In your professional environment, the practice of Italian, the 4th most spoken language in Europe, is essential for you and your colleagues.

Operating in an Italian-speaking world, mastery of this language is a must for all of you. Italian becomes both your working language and a unifying element of your team.

All the instructors are native speakers

In an in-company, group format (6 participants maximum)

Course materials & MyCERAN access

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Getting your training financed
The multitude of language training courses offered by CERAN corresponds to several solutions for financing these courses! The heterogeneity of these financial aids is linked to the countries and regions from which they originate. In Belgium, there are training vouchers, training bonuses, KMO-portefeuille aid, Brawo aid and IPV-IFP sectoral aid. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, there is co-financing of training and in France, the CPF.
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Learning with Ceran

Ah, Italian, what a beautiful language… and you dream of learning it? With CERAN language courses, your dream will come true. The combination of our trainers – all native speakers of Italian – and our CERAN method guarantees you excellent results in learning Italian. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you already have some knowledge. Our language learning method gives priority to the human element throughout the process, and our instructors adapt their teaching methods to each and every student at every stage of our methodology. These are: the QRI phase, question-answer-intonation; the verbo-tonal method and finally the elaboration of key phrases. At CERAN, we believe that everyone has a specific learning style and that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. It is therefore up to our trainers to adapt to you by making you experience immersion in the target language, by practicing it from morning to night, by speaking to you only in Italian. You can be sure that your educational objectives will be achieved! What’s more, you’ll benefit from the CERAN guarantee: “satisfied or re-trained free of charge”.

Discover the CERAN method
The founders of the Group, Monique and René Bastin, experts in the teaching of French as a foreign language, founded CERAN and its unique language learning method in 1975. The following quote from Benjamin Franklin provides an excellent summary: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. "The CERAN method is unparalleled and has been continuously improved to meet the needs of the learners.
Acquire / develop general knowledge / specific skills in Italian
To be able to participate/lead meetings/videoconferences in Italian fluently
Communicate fluently in professional situations with an Italian-speaking audience.
Find a program adapted to your needs
In an age where languages are becoming increasingly important, it is necessary to prepare younger people to interact with people from different geographic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The earlier they master multiple languages, the better prepared and easier these young people will be when they enter the world of work.
On the Intense Flex Closed Group programme every day (20 hrs)
* 2 hours of specific communication (for convincing and effective communication)
* 1 hour of thematic understanding (to improve your understanding of your contacts)
* 1 hour of professional role-playing (to express yourself fluently in your professional environment)
On the French Intense Plus Closed Group programme every day (30 hrs)
* 3 hours of specific communication (for convincing and effective communication)
* 1 hour of thematic understanding (to improve your understanding of your contacts)
* 2 hours of professional role-playing (to express yourself fluently in your professional environment)
* Course materials & MyCERAN access€30 / participant
* Themed lunch with the trainer as an option€125 / participant / lunch
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Training in the best conditions
In order to provide you and your employees with the best possible learning conditions to follow the Italian Intense Plus Closed Group or Italian Intense Flex Closed Group program, we recommend our city-based training centers, whether in France or in Belgium. However, this training can also take place in your company to fit in with your professional obligations.

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école de langue CERAN à Anvers

Language courses in CERAN City Brussels Contact us Learn foreign languages in the heart of Europe, where a multilingual and multicultural environment is not a theoretical concept but a reality which can be experienced every day in the streets of Brussels Capital and near the European institutions. Your hosts At CERAN City Brussels, your hosts […]
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apprendre l'anglais professionnel avec Ceran

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