Language Plus in French

Discover the Language Plus program that allows your child to effectively develop his or her communication skills in French as well as his or her skills in the sport of his or her choice (golf, tennis, horseback riding).

Through the stimulating interaction of group lessons, your child acquires a general knowledge of French and improves his or her proficiency quickly and effectively.

A one-week intensive course

Native speakers of the language studied

Individual and group lessons

Varied and dynamic activities

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Learning with Ceran

CERAN’s goal is to provide a global and personalized solution to all your language training needs. Our teams are present at every stage of your project: whether it is to prepare for your visit in order to understand your needs and expectations, or to accompany you personally during your stay at our center.

Discover the CERAN method
In order to provide lessons of impeccable quality, our teams are trained in the CERAN method. QRI technique, verbo-tonal and key words are some of the skills put into practice by our trainers.
Acquire a general and/or specific knowledge of the language
To develop the mastery of it intensively, quickly and efficiently
To experience a human adventure and meet people from different cultural backgrounds
Communicate with greater ease in any situation
Certify your knowledge

CERAN is authorised to administer independent, neutral and internationally recognised tests. Each test gives rise to a certificate attesting to the level of knowledge of the language. These tests are a reliable and recognised asset in a curriculum vitae. They are also eligible for CPF. CERAN is a Linguaskill agent for Cambridge English, a TOEIC agent for the past 15 years and a BRIGHT agent.

Immersion training

This residential immersion programme is the ideal solution to develop your child's communication skills effectively. Through contact with young people of the same age and different nationalities, your child will have a truly multicultural experience.

Find a program adapted to your needs
At a time when languages are becoming more and more important, it is necessary to prepare young people to work with people from different geographical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The earlier they master multiple languages, the better prepared and easier they will be when they enter the workforce.
Per weekLanguage Plus
Residential training
Sunday evening to Saturday lunchtime
Course format
Group courses
28 45-minute lessons
In small groups
8 60-minute golf, tennis or horseriding sessions
According to the programme
9 60-minute sessions of supervised recreational activities
A day trip or a day of recreational activities on Wednesday
Breakfast, two breaks, lunch and dinner
Led by a trainer
The weekend between two training weeks
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Training in the best conditions
CERAN's residential courses take place in exceptional locations in Belgium and France. Better than a multitude of intensive courses, CERAN offers you a complete residential immersion with trainers present throughout your stay and a team dedicated to your well-being.

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