Stay Connected in German

Discover Stay Connected training for your children aged 7 to 17. This flexible course allows your child to acquire specific knowledge of German and to develop his or her fluency quickly and efficiently, no matter where he or she is

Whatever their situation, we help them reach their goals with our expertise and our varied teaching materials.

Packages of 10, 15 and 20 hours

In individual or duo format

3 separate modules

Minimum one hour of training per session

starting from
Learning with Ceran

CERAN’s goal is to provide a global and personalized solution to all your language training needs. Our teams are present at every stage of your project: whether it is to prepare for your visit in order to understand your needs and expectations, or to accompany you personally during your stay at our center.

Discover the CERAN method
In order to provide lessons of impeccable quality, our teams are trained in the CERAN method. QRI technique, verbo-tonal and key words are some of the skills put into practice by our trainers.
First Steps: First steps in the language (discovering a new language, reducing apprehension in oral communication, interacting in simple everyday situations)
Become fluent: Maintenance and development of language skills
Be Successful: Academic support and exam preparation
Certify your knowledge

CERAN is authorised to administer independent, neutral and internationally recognised tests. Each test gives rise to a certificate attesting to the level of knowledge of the language. These tests are a reliable and recognised asset in a curriculum vitae. They are also eligible for CPF. CERAN is a Linguaskill agent for Cambridge English, a TOEIC agent for the past 15 years and a BRIGHT agent.

Distance learning

Our distance learning courses will enable your child to learn the language of his/her choice with personalised support, using all the communication media available today.

Find a program adapted to your needs
In an era where languages are becoming increasingly important, it is necessary to prepare young people to work with people from different geographical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The earlier they master multiple languages, the better prepared they will be and the easier they will be to work with.
Stay Connected
10 hours
Stay Connected
15 hours
Stay Connected
20 hours
Course materials including the skills assessment and access to your e-CERAN Portal€60/person€60/person€60/person
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