Our French courses for young adults

CERAN training courses aim to address all language needs for young adults. Check out our range of professional training courses for young adults so that you can rapidly improve your proficiency in your chosen language in an intensive way.

Young adult year round in French
2441 €
6 study activities
65 hours of immersion
5-day residential training

The Young Adult course allows you to acquire a general knowledge of the language and develop your fluency through the stimulating interaction of group lessons.

Young adult summer in French
4230 €
6 study activities
2 day weekend excursions
10 day residential training

The Young Adult Summer course allows you to study the target language during the summer vacations in an immersive and intercultural environment for 10 days.

Get connected in French
700 €
At least 10 hours of lessons
Individual or duo training
Distance learning (Zoom, Teams, Skype or by phone)

Get connected training offers you the opportunity to work remotely for 10, 15 or 20 hours on the language you wish to target.

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