Learn French with Ceran

Learn French with CERAn

Learning new languages can bring many benefits: it can reduce anxiety and increase tolerance and creativity.

 Learning new languages provides an opportunity to cultivate patience and perseverance. It also opens our minds and encourages new visions, attitudes and styles of thinking regarding the world around us. Immersion in a different culture makes us feel more comfortable with the world in general. Communication will be easier, as will understanding. The more languages we learn, the easier it will be to learn other languages. It is common knowledge that bilingual brains are less distracted. Although the spoken language is prioritised in the CERAN method, the language trainer is always mindful of the importance of written information, which also has its place in the form of communication addressing the Participant's needs. Consequently, the spoken and written language are constantly present, but emphasis is more on one or the other form of language depending on the needs expressed by the Learner and the proposed activities.


“A fantastic language study trip in a centre where progress and well-being in the learning process are the chief concern. Total immersion is hard to take on the first day, but proves to be very effective and enjoyable. You don’t want to leave! The meals are excellent – you’d come back just for dinner. A great atmosphere and really nice activities. CERAN knows how to take care of us – healthy breaks in the morning and cupcakes in the afternoon! I couldn’t string a sentence together in German when I arrived, but I’ve made impressive progress in just 5 days. I’ve decided to come back for a second session.”


Find your profile

Professional :

 Are you aiming to:
- Develop a new project in a foreign country?
- Prepare for living and working in a new country?
- Speak more effectively in English with your peers?

Our Executive training courses are specifically for professionals and the entire CERAN training team are there to support you with learning French.

Young adult:

Our Young Adult training courses aim to prepare you for higher education or an exam, for an internship abroad or for an initial job interview.

Child :

Our Junior training courses for 7-17 year olds aim to develop communication, reinforce knowledge learned at school or prepare them for settling into a new country.

Language tests and exams

Besides our training programmes, we are authorised to conduct language certification tests, such as TOEIC, Bright and Linguaskills.

Find financing that suits you

You can use financial aid to lower the training costs. Find the financial aid available in your country: 

Why learn French?

The second most frequently taught foreign language after English, and the fifth most widely spoken language in the world, French is definitely becoming an increasingly important language these days. The official language in 29 countries across the world, it is also the only language spoken on all 5 continents, along with English. La Francophonie is an organisation of 68 member States and governments. France has the largest network of cultural institutions abroad, in which French lessons are taught to over 750,000 people. Often considered as the language of culture, French lets you to discover the world of fashion, gastronomy, the arts, architecture and science. As the fifth largest trading power, France attracts entrepreneurs, researchers and the best foreign students. Knowledge of the French language is an asset in finding a job in the many French and French-speaking multinational companies in industries such as distribution, automobile, luxury, aeronautics, etc. French is therefore a working language as well as one of the two official languages of the UN, UNESCO and NATO, in the European Union, and of the International Olympic Committee and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Learning French also means you can read the many texts by great writers and poets (Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, etc.) in their original versions.

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