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Residential French courses for adults

Residential French courses for adults

Cut away “down time” with ceran residential French courses for adults so that you can make quick and meaningful progress.

One of the challenges with learning French as an adult at school, or during evening classes, is that there can be relatively long gaps between lessons. While a certain degree of “rest time” is necessary for the brain to integrate what has been learnt, if there is too much, there is a risk that some or all of the learning will be forgotten. When attending CERAN residential French courses for adults, the shorter gaps between lessons allows learners to have enough “breathing space” to consolidate their learning, but keeps the learning momentum going so that each lesson builds upon the last rather than having to repeat all or part of it.

Thanks to our specific methodology which has proven a success for more than 40 years you will improve rapidly in the target language. Would you like to get further information about our methodology or our complete offer? Please fill in the form below.

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