Intense flex & Plus closed group in French

You work on projects in English-speaking countries or internationally and you want to be accompanied by an expert in the language of Shakespeare. You lead or participate in meetings in English and you want to speak effectively in this international language par excellence! All these situations and many more make mastering English a major asset in your missions

Through the stimulating interaction of group lessons, your child acquires a general knowledge of English and improves his or her proficiency quickly and effectively.

All the instructors are native speakers

20 or 30 hour package

Course materials & MyCERAN access

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Getting your training financed
As numerous as the CERAN language courses are, so varied are the solutions for financing them! Each country and each region has its own specific financial aid requirements. In Belgium, there are training vouchers, training bonuses, KMO-portefeuille aid, Brawo aid and IPV-IFP sectoral aid. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, training is co-financed and in France, the CPF.
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Learning with Ceran

Learning French with CERAN is the assurance of being able to express yourself in the language of Victor Hugo or Voltaire quickly. Whether you already have a basic knowledge of French or are a beginner, our instructors adapt to each individual. The human element is at the heart of our language learning method. Each student has his or her own specificities and is recognized as such. This means that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. Our teachers adapt to each student throughout the 3 stages of our methodology (QRI phase, question-answer-intonation, verb-tonal method and key sentence development). All our trainers are native speakers of the chosen language and are experts in the CERAN method, which makes us unique. They are the ones who immerse you in the target language by practicing it from morning to night, constantly speaking to you in that language. You can be sure that your educational objectives will be met! And you benefit from CERAN’s “satisfied or re-trained for free” guarantee.

Discover the CERAN method
Benjamin Franklin summarized it clearly in his quote: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. "The CERAN method is an original and unique method developed by the founders of the Group, Monique and René Bastin, and constantly enriched since the creation of the company. This method puts the emphasis on the human element and on individualized training!
Acquire / develop general knowledge / specific skills of French
Be able to participate / lead meetings / video conferences in French with fluency
Communicate fluently in professional situations with a French-speaking audience.
Certify your knowledge

CERAN is authorised to administer independent, neutral and internationally recognised tests. Each test gives rise to a certificate attesting to the level of knowledge of the language. These tests are a reliable and recognised asset in a curriculum vitae. They are also eligible for CPF. CERAN is a Linguaskill agent for Cambridge English, a TOEIC agent for the past 15 years and a BRIGHT agent.

Find a program adapted to your needs
In an age where languages are becoming increasingly important, it is necessary to prepare younger people to interact with people from different geographic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The earlier they master multiple languages, the better prepared and easier these young people will be when they enter the world of work.
On the Intense Flex Closed Group programme every day (20 hrs)
* 2 hours of specific communication (for convincing and effective communication)
* 1 hour of thematic understanding (to improve your understanding of your contacts)
* 1 hour of professional role-playing (to express yourself fluently in your professional environment)
On the French Intense Plus Closed Group programme every day (30 hrs)
* 3 hours of specific communication (for convincing and effective communication)
* 1 hour of thematic understanding (to improve your understanding of your contacts)
* 2 hours of professional role-playing (to express yourself fluently in your professional environment)
* Course materials & MyCERAN access€30 / participant
* Themed lunch with the trainer as an option€125 / participant / lunch
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Training in the best conditions
In order for you and your employees to follow the French Intense Plus Closed Group or French Intense Flex Closed Group program in the best conditions, we suggest our city training centers in Belgium or France. This training can also take place in your company in order to be compatible with your schedule!

Immersion language courses at the Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa, Belgium Contact us Why language immersion at Spa? Spa’s reputation as a spa destination speaks for itself. Moreover, since the summer of 2021, Spa has been a UNESCO “Great Spa Town of Europe” World Heritage Site. Spa is also a town which enjoys an exceptional […]
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Our language school CERAN City Antwerp Contact usCERAN City Antwerp welcomes you to a modern business environment, near the bustling centre of Antwerp. The equipment and quality of the training rooms rooms joined with the quality of our trainers at CERAN City Antwerp will help you improve your skills in ideal learning conditions.Try our intensive […]
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école de langue CERAN à Anvers

Our French language school CERAN City Paris Contact us In the heart of the La Défense business district, CERAN @ Châteauform’ Learning Lab hosts day courses and short sessions. Try our intensive French, English, German,… courses in the city centre of Paris ! Or discover the French culture thanks to our cross-cultural training ! Your […]
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apprendre l'anglais professionnel avec Ceran

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