Group in French

You are regularly required to communicate in French, a foreign language for you?

Are you working on a new project in French-speaking countries and would like to be accompanied by an expert in the language of Molière? Do you lead or participate in meetings held in French and would like to take part efficiently in the language of your peers? For all these professional reasons, mastering French is a major benefit in your job!

5 days of training from Sunday evening to Friday evening

All trainers are native speakers of the language being taught

In group format

Varied and dynamic activities

starting from
Getting your training financed
There are several ways to finance your language training. We are pleased to present them to you. Each country has its own specificities and these different financial aids vary from one region to another and from one country to another. In Belgium, the training vouchers, the training bonus, the KMO-portfolio, the Brawo aid or the IPV-IFP sectoral aid are available. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it is the co-financing of training. And in France, the CPF.
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Learning with Ceran

Learning French with CERAN means being sure to reach your learning goals, whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge of French. All our instructors are native speakers of the language being taught and all are trained in the CERAN method, which makes us unique. That’s why we guarantee that you will be “satisfied or re-trained for free”.

Discover the CERAN method
Our unique methodology is divided into 3 steps. First, a QRI® questioning phase, then the verb-tonal technique of phonetic correction, and finally the key phrases, a summary of the lessons with which each learner leaves.
Acquire / develop general knowledge / specific skills of French
Be able to participate / lead meetings / video conferences in French with fluency
Communicate fluently in professional situations with a French-speaking audience
Certify your knowledge

CERAN is authorised to administer independent, neutral and internationally recognised tests. Each test gives rise to a certificate attesting to the level of knowledge of the language. These tests are a reliable and recognised asset in a curriculum vitae. They are also eligible for CPF. CERAN is a Linguaskill agent for Cambridge English, a TOEIC agent for the past 15 years and a BRIGHT agent.

Immersion training

This residential immersion programme is the ideal solution to develop your child's communication skills effectively. Through contact with young people of the same age and different nationalities, your child will have a truly multicultural experience.

Find a program adapted to your needs
In an age where languages are becoming increasingly important, it is necessary to prepare younger people to interact with people from different geographic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The earlier they master multiple languages, the better prepared and easier these young people will be when they enter the world of work.
On the programme every day
4 general communication activities (maximum of 4 people)
2 professional situation communication activities (maximum of 8 people)
2 individual assimilation work sessions (trainer available)
Choice of: private study or relaxation (Wellness)
1 press revue & 1 themed evening activity
Breakfast, two breaks, lunch debate and dinner led by a trainer
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Training in the best conditions
We are aware of the importance of the quality of the training location and the infrastructure made available to the participants for the smooth running of a training course. We welcome you exclusively in our training center, the Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa for the Group program.

Immersion language courses at the Château du Haut-Neubois in Spa, Belgium Contact us Why language immersion at Spa? Spa’s reputation as a spa destination speaks for itself. Moreover, since the summer of 2021, Spa has been a UNESCO “Great Spa Town of Europe” World Heritage Site. Spa is also a town which enjoys an exceptional […]
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