Learn English Switzerland Junior 22

For demanding parents who want to broaden their child’s horizons.

How these children, between 9 and 17 years old, learned to speak English with confidence within 15 days of participating in this summer immersion in the charming landscape of the Swiss Alps.

English is nowadays one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Whether at school, in the future world of work, or when traveling, the knowledge of this international language is an essential bridge to broaden your child’s horizons.

Would you like to offer your child a shortcut to mastering English or improving his level?

Like Suzanne, Luis, Rodrigues, and the others, you can trust CERAN: for 47 years, we have been working with your children to help them learn English in a unique immersion experience.

Suzanne’s challenges in the process of learning English BEFORE her immersive experience at CERAN

Suzanne is 17 years old and lives near Zurich. She is attending high school. However, she used to be extremely nervous about speaking English in class.

Consequently, she dared to express herself less and less in English and was getting stuck in a vicious circle!

She, therefore, needs to boost her English, as she had a negative experience with English previously in middle school. She is looking for a fast and effective way to :

  • improve her level of English 
  • express herself with ease and gain confidence
  • discover new cultures

Like Suzanne, are the challenges your child faces in English worth the BEST solution?

and secure your financial benefit of €900 with the code: PROMOSUISSE2022 (limited time)

The inspiring experience of Suzanne in Switzerland at CERAN

On her arrival, Suzanne and her mother discover the enchanting setting of Champery in the Swiss Alps.

Very quickly, Suzanne’s mother is reassured to see that her daughter will be supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our qualified staff. Indeed, a ratio of 1 staff for 3 children is a quality standard at CERAN.

They then visit the classrooms, all equipped with high-tech teaching materials. “Ideal for optimal learning”, says Suzanne’s mother.

In addition, the average class size of 7 to 9 students guarantees Suzanne a first-class immersive learning experience. This convinces her mother, who feels comfortable knowing that her daughter is in good hands.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at the chalet, which offers exceptional cuisine made by the chef with fresh and local products. Because eating well is also learning well!

Finally, Suzanne and her mother visit the en-suite bedrooms of this 4-star Swiss chalet. 4-star comfort, after a 4-star learning experience. Because our children deserve the best. The rest of the trip promises to be exciting!

cours enfant anglais
stage de français, néerlandais, allemand et d'anglais Belgique et Suisse
apprendre l'anglais avec Céran
école de langue CERAN à Anvers | sprachschule CERAN in Antwerpen | CERAN language school in Antwerp | CERAN taalschool in Antwerpen

A standard day in the life of Suzanne during her CERAN immersion experience

During her stay, Suzanne speaks English from 8 am to 10 pm. There are a variety of activities in English. In addition to the meals, there are 2 main periods of English language training.

In the morning:

She attends group workshops to learn how to introduce herself, give her opinion, and debate topics of society.

Group workshops:

Suzanne learns grammar and pronunciation according to the needs of the group.

Individual workshops:

Suzanne practices English for specific needs

Lesson time:

She assimilates what she has learned and does her homework for the next day.

During the day:

Suzanne is relaxing at the multi-sport center located 150m from the chalet. She can have a fun time: badminton, basketball, handball, indoor football, climbing, outdoor pool, tennis, etc.

Then she can take part in activities and exciting trips in the Alps: hiking, canyoning, climbing, Glacier 3000, via Ferrata, water sports on Lake Geneva, visiting the chocolate factory, shopping in Montreux and Geneva.

Suzanne is definitely having a great time. And she expresses this in English to her new friends.

cours de français et d'anglais pour enfants

Demanding parents around the world already trust us

+ 30.000

children from 5 continents have already experienced linguistic immersion at CERAN


years of experience and expertise in language training

+ 30%

of students return to CERAN for further trainings each year

And you, do you also desire the best for your child’s future?

and secure your financial benefit of €900 with the code: PROMOSUISSE2022 (limited time)

école de langue CERAN à Anvers | sprachschule CERAN in Antwerpen | CERAN language school in Antwerp | CERAN taalschool in Antwerpen

Book a call and one of our experts will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have and/or assist you in the booking process.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, such as:

  • course schedules and module plans
  • the starting dates of the training courses
  • deposits, balances, and payment plans
  • arrival and departure details, including airport pick-up and drop-off

What has changed for Suzanne after her English training at CERAN?

A unique language immersion program, as special as your child

Self-confidence is a necessary condition for learning a new language in order to be able to express oneself and understand others. Your kid will quickly gain this assurance, this ease, by becoming familiar with the new language, its structure, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

A complete and intensive immersion by the unique innovative method patented by CERAN

An individual attention to each trainee’s needs

A professional guidance in a multicultural environment

A warm and friendly atmosphere conducive to learning

Like Suzanne, Luis, Rodrigues, and others, you can put your trust in CERAN

“I chose this particular school because they have a very good method of teaching you the language. “

 Luis – Switzerland

cours italien, allemand, anglais, français et néerlandais enfant au CERAN

“Some of my friends have been here before and they said the school was amazing and they loved everything about it.”

Clotilde – France

“Here at CERAN, I meet young people from different countries of the world.

Rodrigue – Italy

And you, do you also desire the best for your child’s future?

and secure your financial benefit of €900 with the code: PROMOSUISSE2022 (limited time)

Frequently asked questions – English immersion training in Switzerland for young people

Did you know that when your kid goes to a host family in England (to learn English) or in France (to learn French), he or she does not necessarily speak the native language all day?  

Moreover, the people with whom they speak the language are not professionals trained in teaching. Their grammatical errors can therefore be transmitted to your child before they even realize it. 

At CERAN, you can be certain that your child is REALLY in good hands. From morning to night, without interruption, he or she will be exposed to other students and trainers who are native speakers and experts in the language under study. This is done in small groups. And that is the most important difference. 

At CERAN, our policy is not based on being the cheapest, but on providing the best value on the market. In fact, when you look closely, you realize that the quality of our Junior Immersion programs is unequaled on the market: 


Average class size: 7, and up to 9  
All levels, from beginner to advanced  
28 group lessons per week of 45 minutes each – 21 hours per week  
Possibility of individual lessons (2, 4, 6, or 8 per week) in addition to the group lessons  
Unique CERAN QRI and Verbo-tonal teaching methodology. 

 Value: 6.000€


Single or double rooms with bathroom in a 4* Swiss chalet.  
Bed linen and towels provided  
The rooms are cleaned daily.  
Weekly cleaning in each room with a change of sheets Weekly laundry service for students’ personal clothing. 

Value: 1.000€


The classrooms (10) are all equipped with high-tech teaching aids such as whiteboards, video projectors, and wireless tools. Free WiFi internet access throughout the chalet.  
Two different lounges are set up according to the target language chosen (French or English) where participants can play pool, table football, darts, karaoke, or board games. 
19 supervised recreational activity sessions per week 
3 full days of excursions and activities on campus on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.  
The multi-sports center located 150m from the chalet features: badminton, basketball, handball, indoor football, choukball, indoor climbing, indoor and outdoor swimming, tennis, etc. 
Activities and excursions in the Alps: hiking, canyoning, climbing, Glacier 3000, via ferrata, water sports on Lake Leman, campfire evening, visit the Maison Caillier chocolate factory, theme parks, visits and shopping in Montreux and Geneva. 
Special workshop sessions: digital photography, storytelling, robotics, young leaders, intercultural awareness, and chocolate workshop. 

Value: €5,000 


24/7 supervision and care by our qualified staff.  
A student ratio of 1 to 3. 

Value: €3,000 
TOTAL value: 15.000€ 

For only 4.500€.
(Basic formula 2 weeks immersion) 


At CERAN the children are monitored by qualified staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ratio is one staff member to every three students.  

If you desire, it is possible to book individual lessons to work on the trainee’s weaknesses to help him/her progress as quickly as possible.  

No worries, if there are any dietary restrictions, then we can tailor different dishes to meet your kid’s needs, e.g. gluten-free, halal, vegan, etc…

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