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Luc M., Maintenance Worker - CERAN BELGIUM | Spa
15/10/2018 -
“I like to follow things through to the end.” Read more...
Luc, Manager Language Products JUNIORS - CERAN JUNIORS BELGIUM
28/09/2018 -
“I dreamed of being a diplomat but I’ve never left CERAN where I’m really fulfilled”

Originally from Tongeren, Luc Scheepers dreamed of having a career as a diplomat or a journalist. Read more...
Jennifer, English teacher and Head of the English Department - CERAN BELGIUM | Spa
14/09/2018 -
“I arrived in Belgium with two bags. A bag of clothes and a bag of books” Read more...
Margot, Receptionist - CERAN BELGIUM | Spa
30/08/2018 -
“Every day is  a new journey”
Elisabeth, Head Chef - CERAN BELGIUM | Spa
01/07/2018 -
“Nature and travel are real sources of inspiration.”
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