Working at CERAN

Working at CERAN

Working for CERAN is a human experience. If you love your country, your culture and your language and you feel like introducing them to people and sharing them, then CERAN's for you! Whether you're involved in language courses, intercultural training or welcoming Learners and Trainees to our centres, you'll meet some great people. You'll be walking in the footsteps of our founders, Monique and René Bastin, who aimed to put people and encounters at the heart of language training.

Find out about our history...

Above all else, CERAN is a personal adventure, that of Monique & René Bastin, both passionate about teaching languages. In 1975, on their return from Burundi where they taught French for 10 years, Monique & René founded CERAN, the Centre d’Etude et de Rencontre à Nivezé (Centre for Studies and Encounters at Nivezé) to teach foreign languages in a friendly atmosphere of international and multicultural encounters. This career plan grew out of their academic and professional experiences.
CERAN has grown considerably and now has over 260 intercultural trainers and over 190 language trainers who teach every day in 11 languages.  All of CERAN’s employees have a sense of hospitality and a sense of service, as well as the desire to do their job well and make people happy. So we all focus on helping men and women with different languages and cultural backgrounds to communicate better and understand each other better, both linguistically and interculturally. The Group’s founding values are alive and well, and more relevant than ever. 

And be part of the adventure!

If the values of hospitality, respect and kindness, entrenched since the very beginning of the CERAN adventure, match your own values, there is bound to be a job for you at CERAN. If encouraging encounters, sharing and exchanges between different cultures are your lifeblood, then come and join the men and women of CERAN, who each, in their own way, bring this human adventure to our Learners and Trainees. Whether you’re a language teacher for students, a trainer or consultant for corporate clientele or a host or hostess to run one of our sites, let’s meet up! And become one of our next Talents!

Ce qu’ils disent

“I’ve been working with CERAN in Brussels and Spa since 2017 and the result is a genuine long-term partnership. This is a satisfying job in terms of your relationship with customers, the teaching method and the friendly understanding among colleagues.”


A trainer in Brussels

Ce qu’ils disent

“I have been working for CERAN Brussels for almost 7 years and have given training in-company, in-house, at the residential centre in Spa, and online. Regardless of the location, I have always found the work with CERAN to be extremely professional, well-organised and most of all friendly!
The pedagogical team is very approachable and encouraging, which has kept me motivated for all these years.
CERAN organises regular teacher training sessions and team building activities which has helped me to work on my teaching skills and to feel part of a bigger team.”

Carly W

English trainer, Brussels

Our recruitment process

At CERAN, we are always on the lookout for new experienced and professional Talents to boost our language and intercultural departments.
We have a rigorous recruitment and induction process for new trainers which is conducted as follows.
* After shortlisting, our department heads contact potential applicants for an initial telephone interview.
* The next step is a follow-up interview, which is more thorough and includes a test on your knowledge of the language and/or the culture concerned.
* After successfully completing these first two steps, the prospective language trainers take part in an initial training session via Teams. This involves 10 hours of training divided into 5 2-hour sessions covering CERAN’s very own methodology and teaching techniques. Prospective trainers recruited to work in our language immersion centres receive an additional 20 hours of training so that they can familiarise themselves with the specific features of this package. These training hours take place on-site, in Spa, in Belgium.
* As for our intercultural trainers, they receive the relevant training on our processes and online intercultural tools.
* After these different phases of recruitment and training, all of the successful applicants are ready to teach for CERAN, whether in-company, on-site or in one of our centres. Continuing training sessions are organised throughout the year to enable them to progress and develop (on-site in Paris, Brussels or Spa or online).

Interested in becoming a CERAN ambassador?

Want to feel fulfilled by making our customers happy?
Join CERAN’s large family in which every member has an important role to play. Each Talent, through their personality and expertise, provides our Learners with a memorable human experience. And that is down to the dual approach of the CERAN method, namely the philosophical and human aspect on the one hand (personal relationship, respect for others), and the scientific and linguistic aspect on the other (continuous practice, teaching activities).
CERAN continues to grow and we would be delighted to count you among our Talents so that we can better meet our customers’ expectations and improve their satisfaction.
Many of our customers are loyal to us and many of our employees are too!
Fulfilled employees make loyal customers. It’s a virtuous circle which we are inviting you to join!

Contact us and we will gladly get back to you!

The CERAN Group offers a wide range of professions… Teacher in one of our 11 languages? (German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian), Trainer? Consultant? Planning officer? Community manager?

Check out all our offers:

Or simply write to: . Hope to hear from you soon!

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