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30/08/2018 -
“Every day is  a new journey”
Margot, Receptionist - CERAN BELGIUM | Spa
Originally from the Netherlands, a graduate of a hotel school, Margot Koppers moved to Belgium in 1992 with the aim of learning French. What was a simple trip became a place to live. A lover of nature and large areas, she decided to settle in the heart of Ardenne, in Vielsalm.

"Everyone deserves my
utmost attention"


   In February 2001, Margot joined the CERAN team. Since then, she has greeted over fifty people there every week with the utmost care.

“For me, it is essential that everyone feels at home and welcome. Being quadrilingual allows me to enjoy privileged and personalised contact with the people I meet”, explains Margot.
Although nothing in her familial environment foreordained her for the job, she has always wanted to work in the hotel industry.

Margot likes skiing, hiking, cycling as well as sewing, reading (always in her mother tongue) and travel.

“If I were still 20 years old, I would travel a lot more. Instead of seeing different countries, I feed on every meeting I have and the environment around me. Every day is a new journey.

At CERAN, I meet people from different cultures and nationalities. That is the magic of my job and this extraordinary place.


I hold great importance to welcoming everyone personally.

Being quadrilingual allows me to have a privileged and personalised contact with all our clients.

Everyone is unique and deserves my undivided attention.

I am proud to be part of the CERAN team.”


Want to (re)discover how a warm welcome
and friendliness are part
of CERAN’s basic values?

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