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14/09/2018 -
“I arrived in Belgium with two bags. A bag of clothes and a bag of books”
Jennifer, English teacher and Head of the English Department - CERAN BELGIUM | Spa

"There is a real culture at CERAN"

Originally from Dublin, Jennifer Jones studied communication, marketing and business management with a view to becoming a journalist. With her diploma in her pocket, she left for Lyon and met a teacher there who she decided to follow to Belgium.

On her arrival, she worked as an au pair and gave some language classes.

In 1996, the CERAN adventure began.
“It is my first real job. When I arrived at CERAN, I didn't really consider making it a career. The Irish like change, it is part of our culture. The diversity in my job, meeting people from different cultures and nationalities makes my job a real passion. I always get up to go to work with enthusiasm. Every day is different and offers me new encounters” says Jennifer.
Jennifer willingly tells that she arrived in Belgium with two bags: one of clothes and the other of books.

Although she has a bookcase in every room of her house, it is far from her only hobby. Jennifer likes to write, cook, travel, run long distances... She is extremely active.

A mother to two boys, she holds great importance to her family, her history and her genealogy.
“Leaving my country has brought me closer to my culture of origin. I feel a lot more Irish since I’ve been living in Belgium. An example? I have become a enthusiastic supporter of Irish sports team”, indicates Jennifer.
At CERAN, your job is very different every day.

She manages scheduling, gives training, livens things up in the English department, recruits new teachers, coordinates the Spanish, Japanese and Arabic departments, etc.

Alongside this already full life, she is currently perfecting her German.   

Want to (re)discover CERAN’s effectiveness?

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