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Do you work in an international and multicultural environment? Are you an expatriate in a country where work teams are made up of colleagues with different geographical and cultural origins? Are you involved in a project for which you have to coordinate contacts from a number of countries? Our Multicultural Management programme is the ideal solution, allowing you to turn cultural differences into assets for yourself and your assignment.

This training programme in international management will enable you to develop your cultural agility and adjust your behaviour to ensure your professional effectiveness in a multicultural environment.

Your trainig programme: a practical approche to boost your results

In companies and organisations that are becoming increasingly global and complex, many assignments require you to work with contacts from multiple geographical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds - leading a transversal project across an entire zone, working in a diverse team, managing a team of workers from multiple countries... These assignments include a cultural dimension that must be taken on board if they are to be a success.

This practical programme develops your cultural agility so that you will be effective in such multicultural environments. Based on practice and focusing on your professional requirements, it draws on tools and good practices to identify the behaviour adopted by your contacts and adjust your working methods :
  • Communicating and persuading : using the right approach with the right people
  • Coordinating action : managing time, empowering and developing team spirit
  • Managing relationships : the expectations and the role of the manager, decision-making, motivation, and so on
  • Role plays, case studies and critical incidents
  • Analysis of your situations and problems