Multicultural Team Building

We offer a range of International Management courses, but this Multicultural Team Building course is an essential component of your intercultural training programme.

The course allows you to develop greater cohesion among an international team or a multicultural team by turning your colleagues’ cultural differences into assets and advantages. We know that cultural diversity is a valuable asset, a resource which our instructors and consultants are keen to pass on to you. At CERAN, you “are satisfied or re-trained free of charge” – that’s a promise.

Intra-company group format (maximum 10 participants)

All instructors are biculturals or natives in the target culture

A preliminary questionnaire to fill in on the CERAN Learners portal before the start of the course

Cultural Assessment, a cultural profiling test taken at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the course.

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We have created a JV with a partner in China. Initially, the teams were trained in the respective cultures of France and China, and I wanted to set up a training program focused on the co-construction of the group’s culture. The inverted pedagogy implemented by CERAN during the Team Building perfectly met our objectives and expectations. Each employee was an actor in the training.

Sylvain ADirector of the JVSee more testimonials
Learning with Ceran

This Multicultural Team Building course helps to unite your team around a common culture by reinforcing the negotiation skills of your employees and optimizing their remote work.

Discover the CERAN method
Understanding cultural diversity
Converting cultural differences into assets
Optimising remote working
Find a program adapted to your needs
In this era of globalization, the number of companies and organizations facing multicultural issues is constantly increasing. Multicultural cooperation is becoming the norm and multinational exchanges are recurrent. Whether it is a question of getting a team to work on a regional, continental or global level, the problem is the same: how to unite a multinational team around a common culture? Our Multicultural Team Building program provides you with the keys to understanding and clear answers that you can put into practice right away. This training will transform the cultural differences of your collaborators into assets, will allow each of them to reinforce their negotiation skills and to optimize the remote work while federating the team.
Multicultural Team Buildingfrom €2,920
1 day of training from 7.00 am
1 Cultural assessment Silver Licence (access to 15 cultures)
On the programme every day
Understanding: identifying specific cultural features that impact a team's work (tools: CultureConnector, Diversity Icebreaker), analysing the cultural issues that are key to the team's performance (tool: Klaxoon, etc.)
Experiencing: "learning by doing", workshops developing collaboration through building and cooperation activities (tools: The Bridge, Barnga, etc.)
Applying: integrating all the notions and concepts of the different activities (action plan, rules of the game, capitalising on values and cultural differences, etc.)
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Training in the best conditions
You decide where you want to train! The choice is yours, whether you choose a CERAN training center in the city, a residential training center in our Spa center in Belgium, your own home for organizational reasons and to save time, or distance learning. Are you looking for a CERAN training center that is easily accessible and very central? We have the right place for you in Belgium and France. Our city training centers CERAN City Brussels, CERAN City Antwerp and CERAN @ Châteauform' Learning Lab - Paris are all ideally located and very easy to reach, both by public transport and by car. If you want to focus on a "live-in" training, i.e. a residential training, offering many moments of informal exchanges, then our castle of Haut-Neubois in Spa, Belgium, is the perfect place for you. If the schedule of your participants is particularly constrained, the distance learning formula is the best choice. All of these courses share the CERAN quality of service. Our consultants and trainers are experts in their own culture and specialists in multiculturalism. They are eager to share their knowledge with their learners and to help them discover their culture and pass it on. All our trainers and consultants are trained in the CERAN method. Each one of them accompanies you and allows you to reach your objectives thanks to a training that is always tailor-made. Our "satisfied or re-trained for free" guarantee applies to all training formats.

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