Global International Awareness

Are you going to have your first professional experience in an international context? Our Global International Awareness program is the ideal solution to help you meet the new challenges that await you.

This training will make you aware of the new issues related to the changing environment. It will help you better understand your international contacts and adapt your behavior and work methods to your new environment in order to succeed in your first international work experience. There’s no doubt that this International Management program provides a solid foundation for anyone about to embark on their very first international experience. That’s why CERAN offers you its “satisfied or re-trained free of charge” guarantee.

Individual or intra-company group format (maximum 10 participants)

All instructors are biculturals or natives in the target culture

A preliminary questionnaire to fill in on the CERAN Learners portal before the start of the course

Cultural Assessment, a cultural profiling test taken at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the course. Silver Licence (access to 15 cultures)

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My manager asked me to present our marketing and communication strategy in English during a COMEX. In order to be ready for the exercise, CERAN helped me to speak in English so that I could be as effective as possible in my presentation to my audience. A big thank you to my trainer Sharon C. for her professionalism and patience!

Didier BProject Manager Transport LogisticsSee more testimonials
Learning with Ceran

This 7-hour training day, completely dedicated to the discovery of the international professional world, will make you aware of it by giving you a framework for reading different universes where the rules of the game vary according to the culture of the country.

Discover the CERAN method
Decoding this new international environment
Identifying the culture shock & developing your intercultural agility
Learning new ways of working
Developing your intercultural communication
Training in the best conditions

Depending on what you and your company choose, this "Global International Awareness" programme is delivered either as an individual course or an intra-company course. We also leave it to you to tell us where you want the course to take place - by distance learning, on your company's premises or in one of our centres. Furthermore, during the course, our CERAN instructors share their professional experiences in other countries with you, making this an extremely practical programme. All aspects of this issue are studied: the professional environment, ways of working, communication methods, interculturality...

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Expatriating and working abroad means discovering and understanding different ways of communicating, organizing and working. This training program, which covers a large number of countries, takes a pragmatic approach to the cultural dimensions that need to be mastered in order to be immediately effective during a first international experience. In addition, all of our CERAN trainers share their professional experience abroad with you to make this program as concrete as possible. All dimensions related to this issue are studied: professional context, work methods, communication methods, interculturality...
Global International Awarenessfrom €2,850
1 day of training from 7.00 am
1 Cultural assessment Silver Licence (access to 15 cultures)
On the programme every day
Identifying key success factors: learning how to decode your new environment and develop your intercultural agility
Handling adjustment phases: identifying culture shock, understanding it and anticipating it; facilitating and speeding up adjustment
Developing your cultural intelligence: broadening your world view, diversifying and adapting your ways of doing things
Communicating effectively: discovering and adopting new codes and practices
Role plays, case studies and customised action plan
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Training in the best conditions
Depending on your choice and that of your company, this "Global International Awareness" program is available as individual training or as in-company training. You can also tell us where you would like the training to take place, either remotely, in your company or at one of our locations. By choosing one of our locations, you benefit from a setting that takes you away from your daily concerns, allowing you to focus more easily on the training. Several possibilities are available to you in Belgium in our castle of Haut-Neubois in Spa, at CERAN City Brussels or at CERAN City Antwerp and in France at CERAN @ Châteauform' Learning Lab - Paris. Other possibilities of course, your company or in distance learning.

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apprendre l'anglais professionnel avec Ceran

A tous les professionnels/directeurs RH, mobilité, L&D voulant développer leur compétitivité / celle de leur entreprise à l’international.

Réservez votre appel stratégique OFFERT (30 minutes)

Frédéric Dubois / Country Sales Manager CERAN France

Et je vous aiderai à :

  • Éclaircir vos incertitudes, vous guider à travers les défis interculturels et déterminer la meilleure approche pour vous afin de surmonter les barrières culturelles au sein de vos équipes internationales.
  • Élaborer un plan clair pour vous sortir des cycles d’incompréhension culturelle, afin que vous puissiez optimiser la collaboration et la productivité de votre équipe.
  • Décider si nous sommes le bon partenaire, en découvrant notre méthode sur-mesure validée par des clients français internationaux (leader mondial cosmétique, entreprises CAC40) pour maîtriser les compétences interculturelles et renforcer la cohésion d’équipe.

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