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management of remote TEAMS

Do you manage or work in an international team across different sites in multiple countries and time zones? Our Management of Remote Teams programme is the ideal solution to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges posed when working remotely with international teams.

This experiential and operational programme aims to develop communication skills and remote working, taking into account various aspects (managerial, organisational, cultural, technological) of the challenges faced by dispersed international teams.

Your training programme : a practical appraoch to develop your skills

Working with a geographically dispersed team means having to perform all the usual functions while also taking on board the challenges posed by distance: geographical and temporal distances (different rhythms, relational distance), linguistic and cultural distances (different communication methods and management styles), organisational and technological distances (complex hierarchical structures and reporting, collaborative tools that are necessary but not sufficient). This operational and practical programme addresses these different aspects to develop your professional skills and make you comfortable and effective working with a diverse and geographically dispersed cultural team :
  • Identifying the unique features of working and managing remotely
  • Adopting good practices in the use of communication tools
  • Identifying the autonomy profile and adjusting to the cultural diversity of your remote colleagues
  • Putting in place coordination and cooperation in your team
  • Role plays, case studies and critical incidents
  • Analysis of your situations and problems